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1. What are your feelings about posting your own picture on your blog?

I’ve done it. Actually, if you search my archives, I’m sure you’ll find a picture or two as I try to decide between being a redhead..or my natural, blonde. I have gone back and forth about having my picture on the front page of my blog — I’ve put it there, and then taken it off…put it back – – then took it away again. Currently, as you see, it’s not there. I don’t have an issue with having my picture there, at all. My only problem is that I’m not very photogenic and I’m not at all happy with the pictures that have been taken. Either that, or I just don’t like staring at my own mug when I load my site! I like to imagine I’m cuter than that…and having the pic there staring back at me is proof that I’m not! 😉

2. Do you find yourself ‘watching what you say’ because you either don’t want to offend the readership you’ve built up? Or you don’t want your readers to know that you’re that neurotic?

To a degree – I do. Not because I don’t want to offend anyone – I have no problems with that. 😉 If my views offend someone…then they can choose to leave or they can bat it out with me in my comments — either way, my views are still my views. I tend to keep away from politics too much here – – mainly because I have a political blog that allows me to vent, as neccessary, there. But it bleeds over to here, at times – no biggie. My design stuff used to be a seperate thing – but that naturally bleeds over here, too. Quite a few people have asked if they can link me here, or there or there – or if I want to keep the three seperate? I say, link away – – I used to be concerned about keeping certain identities seperated…but the blog world is kind of a small one, really – – so to try to stay seperate is too complicated for my simple mind…it feels sort of multiple, if ya get my drift?

I don’t necessarily censor my thoughts and feelings – – there are just some of them that aren’t meant for public comsumption, ya know ? 🙂

3. List 5 blogs that have made you smile +/or laugh this week

Let’s see – – since I already blurfed my entire blogroll this week (oy!) – I’ll keep this one short and simple:

Lawren made me smile ‘cuz she really likes her new blog lift! When someone is thrilled with some work that I’ve done – – it gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies!

This peach girl gave me a grin with her BlogMaze – – and I suppose that this posting could qualify for participation in the maze – – hey, two meme’s for the price of one!

Eric wrote this one two weeks ago. When I read it – it gave me a smile. And see? I’m still remembering it two weeks later.

I’m happy to see that Grumpy Bunny is with us again! She left for vacation , don’t ‘cha know? Who wouldn’t smile at that?

I read this over at Daisy’s. What a hoot – – this one definately made the ol’ smile muscles twitch.

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