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1. Show off your multi-tasking talents! What do you/can you do while you blog at the same time?

Well – anyone who knows me knows that I’m really not very good at multi-tasking. I can’t talk on the phone and blog at the same time. I can’t even chat online and blog at the same time. However! There is hope! I can curl my hair and do my makeup and blog at the same time. I’d also mention that I can also blog and chew gum at the same time – – but that would be bragging.

2. It’s late. I’m not sleeping. I’m resisting the munchies. Do you have a favorite blog food? You know – the one food, in general, that you bring with you as you plop in front of the computer with intentions to blog?

Coffee. It’s a must have. Everything else is just filler.

3. Unique finds? Funny posts? Thought provoking writes? Ire inducing rants? List ’em!

Mick’s was a riot. John Kerry’s Other Job. Yes, Mick – I think so, too.

Lori found an interesting pic. Interesting in a funny ‘ha ha’ sort of way – – not interesting in a ‘hey, I should try that’ sorta way.

Who is sexier? Sean’s got the low-down My vote is with the second pair.

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