Today is the first ‘official’ day of my new position at work. The last two days have been kind of weird – – in a school yard kind of way. About two weeks ago, my boss posted this position – looking to recruit internally. I had, at the time, no idea who else applied for it. I didn’t make a big production about applying for it. I just dropped in her office one afternoon and said “Hey, about that position – I’m interested.”

That was it.

Two weeks later, she offered — we negotiated, then I accepted.

It was announced at our meeting Tuesday afternoon – and, from what I understand, all hell broke loose. Lots of hurt feelings, resentment and complaints. Tina, my boss, said it was a difficult choice – – in our office, we have quite a handful of very qualified, competent Registered Nurses. In the end, she said – – she went with experience.

I guess my 10 years as Director of Nursing in the hospital environments paid off, after all.

Now I’m in the uncomfy position of making the transition from peer and collegue, to being one of ‘them’.

Ya know – – ‘them’. *shudder* I can deal, though. For a decade, in the hospitals – I was queen of ‘them’. I understand the mentality – – I’ve seen it from both sides. It’s just going to take a period of adjustment for everyone, I guess.

Wish me luck today – – hope I don’t trip and fall in the hallway, or anything. I’m prone to that kind of stuff!

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