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Vinny has a brand new look

My 12 year old daughter sent me an email this evening – just to tell me about this link. Apparently she really listens to my babbles and rambles around the house.

Chris called me tonight, before going to sleep – – and I think he actually whined more that I did about being apart. Now that is amazing. I’m the whiner in this relationship – – I’m not sure how I feel about switching roles. It’s not that I haven’t whined…it’s just that, tonight…he whined more. Marking my calender.

The sunburn on my belly has finally subsided. It itched like hell, too. I think it’s safe to go back out into the sun – – only….sunscreen this time, duh.

Full sized … full length body pillows are a definite must for the rest of my life.

I overdosed on tortillas and salsa tonight – – I stopped only because I ran out.

I did a two mile walk on the treadmill while watching Fox News earlier this evening. John Edwards rubs me wrongly.

I’m downstairs in my office – – working on Vinny’s new blog look – – and I hear my son (in the room directly above me) vacuuming. His. Room. Is there a full moon? Did the sky fall? Anyone notice any cows flying around in the sky?

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I called him. Told him I love him.

I’ve been driving the Yukon to work every day this week. I know it’s very self-indulgent because of the amount of driving I do for my job….and the pitiful gas mileage that monster gets compared to my Solara. But I love driving that truck! I think, tomorrow – – I’ll have to go back to my Toyota…it hasn’t moved since Friday.

Neil Cavuto is on my television right now. Going to curl up in bed and watch.


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7 thoughts on “Random Things”

  1. Hey Stranger,

    1irst fime arriving upon your doorstep.

    Couldn’t help but to affirm your pillow talk. Coupled with warm comforters on a cold day, coffee, and favourite DVDs; that’s definitely the ticket.


  2. I overdosed on tortillas and salsa tonight – – I stopped only because I ran out.


    John Edwards rubs me wrongly.

    Those quotes are cracking me up!

  3. Can your son please tell my son that it is a KEWL thing to clean and vacuum your own room. Maybe if he hears it from one of his peers, he’ll actually do it without saying “oh mooooooooom” in that exaperated sounding voice. A little over a year until I’ll have a REAL teenager. HELP!

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