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Hectic! That’s the word for the week, to be sure! Hectic, but productive – – and productive is always a good thing. I had gotten myself a little bit behind on a few things – – which is ALWAYS a source of major stress for me. There’s nothing I hate more than having overdue items on my to-do list. My list is generally pretty long – but those overdue items mock me and stare up at me with distain. I hate it. But, there’s only one thing to do when things like that happen – – just put your nose down and geterdone – which is what I’ve been doing. The feeling of overdue items makes my stomach hurt… however, being able to cross those particular items off the list makes me happy.

The holidays were nice.. short, but nice. Chris gifted me with a Poseidon Xstream Duration/90 Regulator – – for you non-scuba type folks, it’s basically the thing you breathe through. For my birthday, he gave me a custom fitted BCD (bouyancy control device.. or the vest you wear when you dive) – so, slowly, I’m collecting my own scuba gear and will no longer have to rent. Yay!

He’s off on a business trip in Detroit through Sunday – we’ve both decided to take the day completely off on Monday and hit the slopes and spend the entire day skiing with the kids, seeing as how we both basically worked through the Christmas holidays. I’m looking forward to it!

I spent a good portion of last night getting business finances together so I can begin going through 2007 with my accountant. Every single year I yell at myself for being so disorganized with taxes and vow that I’ll be more organized next year – – and this year is no different. And, of course, I vow to be more organized for 2008! Yea, I know — good luck with that. Though, there are some who tell me that it’s pretty darned organized to have everything pulled together and to the accountant’s office before the end of the year.. so maybe I’m better than I thought?

More work – I finally updated the design portfolio over the past week – I was way, way far behind on that. Glad to have it done, for now.

This week we commissioned another server at Blogs About Hosting. When we started the service back in 2003 – we started naming our servers after our pets. We have:

We have another cat. His name is Meowface….because when he was young, he never stopped meowing. We’ve never named a server after him, though. It sounds a little odd: meowface.blogs-about.com? Maybe we could just shorten it to meow.blogs-about.com? Yea, I think that’s what we’ll do with the next one. We better get more pets if we’re going to expand any further!

Do you have big plans for the New Year? We’ll probably spend New Year’s Eve skiing – – and then New Year’s day recovering!

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