Pictures from the Homefront


My daughter’s choir concert from last night:

Melissa is in the second row – second kid over from the left:

This is her – up front and center:

My two, of three, cats, Bubba and Talis:

My son, Ben’s, chronicle project:

Our Halloween decoration (this was totally Chris’s idea – I had no control over the 12 foot pumpkin head guy in our front yard):

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9 thoughts on “Pictures from the Homefront”

  1. I swear, pumpkin head looks like he’s going to catapult candy at me.

    Does he have a tape-recorded message in his inflatableness that says “ROCK ON, DUDE”?

    Bubba and Talis are so cute, I just sneezed. You heard that though, how come you didn’t say ‘bless you’? Huh?


  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Good job to Chris.
    The project looks terrific! That is definitely something to snag and put away in your treasure chest of memories from Ben’s childhood.
    Melissas looks sassy and sure of herself. What a pretty girl.
    And finally, Bubba looks just like my cat Frodo. Except Bubba looks to be much skinnier than Frodo. Do you starve that cat?:-w ( okay Frodo may be a bit on the chubby side, but he has issues)

  3. Leanne – the pumpkin head guy deflated last night. We had a pretty bad wind storm late last night and now, this morning – he’s laying on the ground with no air #:-s

    Chris is planning on fixing him when he gets home.. hopefully he’s fixable.

  4. Pam – Frodo is such a cute name for a cat! Bubba is tiny, still – but he’s still just a kitten. This is the little guy that we brought home from Alabama . . I can assure you that he has doubled his size since we first found him lol

    I told Chris your comment about (~~) Mr Pumpkin Head – – he’s happy to know that not everyone (read: me) thinks he’s a nutcase! =))

  5. Ohhhh! I didn’t know today was show and tell. And me without some pictures! Bahhh!

    Why are there no pictures of sample wedding invitations or something? Huh? 😛

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