Quickie Fall Report


Chris: 0

Lisa : 1

No. Really. It’s because the top bindings on my boots were too loose. Honest .. I never fall. It had to have been the boots fault!

Right off the damn lift, too . . . off the lift – – not-so-graceful fall down the path.

It. Was. The. Boots.

I’m telling ya.

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6 thoughts on “Quickie Fall Report”

  1. Look at it this way; the family still has more falls than you! You can’t help yourself for trying to see why they like falling all the time.:wink:

  2. Exactly what I’m saying, pam – – I was just experimenting. Testing the snow.


    Making sure the snow was SOFT enough and testing it before I let my precious lovelies step foot on it!

    That’s it!

  3. Better luck next time! Well, it could have been worse. I found out today that my friend went skiing over the weekend in Vermont and broke her leg in 5 places. She hasn’t made it back yet but I’m dying to hear her story.

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