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Yes, that’s right. I’m on call again for work. I love my work – I do. I enjoy what I do quite a lot. But I absolutely despise being on call.

We currently have 85 patients. Those patients span 4 counties. The farthest patient away from my front door is about an hour drive. Those 85 patients are spread out about an hour each way – north, south, east and west. When we are on call – we are ONE nurse on call for all those patients spanning that entire territory.

So, I just sit and wait for the pager to go off – ready to jump and go at anytime and pray that I don’t get a crisis call while I am already on a crisis call. When that happens, it’s inevitable that the call comes from a patient who is an hour, or more, away from the current call that I am on.

It gets hairy, sometimes. That’s why I call these days my ‘sitting duck days’. Just sitting out here waiting to get killed.

Just got done eating dinner — shrimp marinated in herbs and garlic with a touch of light olive oil – sautéed with penne pasta with some scallions chopped up and tossed in. I’m stuffed like a turkey as I sit here like a duck.

I’m noticing a bird theme here. Am I the only one?

Speaking of birds, I drove up the driveway this afternoon after work and sat in my car for about twenty minutes as I watched two cardinals, about a dozen doves and about six yellow finches eat their own dinner of the vast variety of bird feeders that we offer in our backyard. For some reason, that is stress relief for me.

I love watching birds.

I have some work to do tonight for some folks. Just set up a new template and hosting package for Vickie – last time I checked, she hasn’t logged into her new blog and started posting, yet – – but it promises to be a worthy read based on my knowledge of her thus far. And yes, Martin – I’m working on it 🙂 I should have it for you in the next day or two. I promise!

Another side job I do – – when I’m not doing hospice nursing or graphic/web design/hosting – – is a doctor that I’ve been working with for about 6 years. He owns a Medical/Legal Consulting firm and I’ve been doing legal nurse consulting for him for the past 4 years. It’s great money and easy work. Basically he gives me the law cases that he’s been hired to consult on – – I review the cases and offer my expert opinon on. Getting paid to give my opinon on things suits me just fine. Over the past week – I’ve put in about 20 hours for him, in the evenings – – which makes my checkbook quite happy, indeed – – however, it has been taking away from my designing work that needs doing.

I’m getting there!


Looks like Vickie has already started blogging! Go on over and welcome her to the blog world !

3 thoughts on “Quack Quack”

  1. The template packages I have listed at Elegant Webscapes are accurate. They are prices for templates that already exist in the gallery that is displayed there.

    If you want something different – a custom design, drop me an email at lisa@elegantwebscapes.com and let me know what you’re looking for and I can give you a quote 🙂

    I’d LOVE to design something for Martinis, Persistance and a Smile — think of the possibilities! 🙂

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