Power Nap Dreaming


So, I slept. I got in 2 hours between 7 and 9am. And I had a dream.

In my dream, I was in some sort of bohemian flat with a very cute girl with very long brown hair. She was teaching me how to smoke pot (yes, because I don’t know how…believe me?). I was also trying to convince her that she needed to tell me how she knew me..because I didn’t know her. But she knew me, and knew a lot about me…. the only thing we had in common is a mutual friend. She wouldn’t tell. We smoked more pot.

Also, there was a small terrace where my bird was taking a bath in a pale full of water, being watched over by a transexual male in the process of turning female. He was very shy and sweet and my bird was very happy.

I also was carrying around the keyboard from my desktop PC. I remember I was very, very, very worried that I would lose it.

Then I couldn’t breath. Scratch that… I was having difficulty breathing. You know that feeling you get when you are getting air…just not enough air? Yea..like that.

I was desperately trying to convince you (in in my dream… ‘you’ doesn’t have a face…. so consider it to be you) to upgrade your WordPress MU software to the next available version because that….and that alone, would solve my breathing problem.

I woke up after I peed on the carpet…right on top of my keyboard. (uh, yea … in the dream I peed…it didn’t really happen).

I’m afraid to start my day Heh.

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