Power Lined


Forget about being Instalaunched – – that is SO yesterday!

Last night, I was Power Lined – – and the hits keep rollin’ in – on last glance, I averaged about 5,500 hits since about 10pm last night . I’ve been ‘Instalaunched’ a few times over at Right Voices, and I have to say that Glenn Reynolds has some competition with those boys over at Power Line. Who knew a little ol’ t-shirt could cause such a rukus? Thanks, John – I appreciate you and your blog . . even if my Packers are going to kick some Vicking butt in just a few short weeks 😀

Thanks to Dean, too! I hope you’re getting one for R – – although, I’m quite sure Cafe Press doesn’t offer maternity clothing. They should! (Hmm…does this mean I’ve been Dean’d?)

I finished up Margi’s blog skinning last night. Her’s was tons of fun – – it’s really great to work with people who have such enthusiasm. Margi is a really great gal and a fun penemail pal, to boot. She told me all about the new WordPress 1.2.1 that was released yesterday… and it still doesn’t fix the Mozilla problem with logging in. Maybe in 1.3? I upgraded this morning and it took all of a few minutes to do. WordPress still has it WAY over MT in terms of useability – – I recommend WordPress over MT any day of the week!

Ok – coffee first .. then a shower… then more coffee .. then work. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Power Lined”

  1. Ohhh my! I like the color scheme on that skin, Lisa. This is making me want more skins 🙂

    Congrats on the Powerline link – great ideas deserve such widespread exposure!:grin:

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  3. Zee – – did you say more skins??? I’ve got skins . .they are all inside my head with all the other voices. 😉

    K!! I hadn’t seen that! That is awful 🙁 thank you for the link.

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