Post-game blues


So…life goes on, doesn’t it? Life after the playoffs . . . . *deepheavysigh*

I moped my way into the kitchen and did what every depressed girl does best. I cooked tons of food and then ate it – well, I did share some of it with the fam. I made Marinated Honey/Mustard Chicken Breasts with Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and Garlic n’ Butter Green Beans. Not exactly what you’d consider “Atkins-friendly” either – and that makes it all that much better, in my humble opinion!

I sit here sipping Bailey’s Irish Creme, drowning my playoff sorrows . . . Chris is on the phone with his business partner (he called during dinner – – a fact which I informed him of, but alas – he was unmoved!) – – I started thinking about the few areas in which Chris and I disagree…which aren’t many, and are definitely things I can live with……

1. He is a Rugby-elitist. Being from England – the man cannot sit down and watch an American football game without putting it down by comparing it to the perfection that is Rugby! It goes without saying that he thinks American football is a ‘Pussy Sport’ compared to Rugby. Which is fine – – Chris is a former Rugby player and I would love to see him out on the field with those pussies….well, maybe not, cuz then I’d fear for his Rugby butt – – but still, don’t knock it till ya try it!

2. He thinks my boobs are fine. I think they are too big and wouldn’t mind considering reduction surgery in the future:

(those aren’t our real faces!) He won’t even have an adult discussion with me about reduction surgery. Oh how I would love to be a nice little C cup! What can a girl do to convince him of this?? Should it not be my choice, huh?, huh?, huh? It remains a work in progress!

3. I think work is work and play is play – – and nare shall the two meet! He differs on this issue – – work is work, play is play, work is play and play is work — they are all intertwined together in one happy existence. I strive to separate the two – – but I guess it’s different when you’re a business owner (him) rather than a peon worker bee (me). He likes to say that he separates the two – – and he does try to do it, but it never really works out all that well.

So, that’s it – – our top three arguments. That’s it – – nothing life shattering or anything like that. Overall, we’re content and this living together thing is working out quite well. I think he and I were both a little worried about it in the beginning, since we’re both fiercely independent people who think our own personal space and time are highly important priorities in life. Neither one of us were used to sharing our space – – but it’s rather cool the way we co-exist together.

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  2. My Aussie husband is an ex-Rugby player too and he thinks the exact same thing of American football as your husband does. All I ever hear when an American football game is on TV is: “Let’s see how tough they are without the pads.”

    Must be a testosterone driven, commonwealth born, man thing.

  3. Morgan that is exactly it! Not just the pads – – but I have heard that one too. It’s the two teams in American football, where in Rugby – the same team plays the entire game – – oh and without all the breaks that American football takes!

    It most definately is a testosterone, commonwealthborn thing – – I love that phrase and I’m using it with him next time he utters a word against football 🙂

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