Poor Bill


Sucks to be Microsoft these days, eh? I mean, I’ve never been one of those anti-Microsoft, anti-BillGates types, because hey – the guy made a mint using his talents, who can begrudge him that? The evil capitalist that he is – out to stomp all over the little guy, and all that.

Speaking of the little guy – – he just doesn’t seem to be so little anymore. Have you checked out The Google Pack yet? No? You should – – and it’s curiously void of anything Microsoft:

Packaged within:
Mozilla Firefox (not IE – thank the Google Gods!)
Norton Antivirus (this means – disable your Windows firewall and use NAV!)
Ad-Aware SE Professional (not Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware)

About the only thing Microsoft-related in the Google Pack is the Google Toolbar for IE.

I’m tickled to see my favorite browser of choice packaged up with my favorite search engine folks. Not sure why – it just puts a shine on the ol’ apple, as my grandma used to say.

So, download the Google pack – – get all those goodies that will clean your system and protect you from all the garbage that the use of Microsoft’s IE has subjected you to all these years. And then? USE FIREFOX!

‘Nuff said.

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4 thoughts on “Poor Bill”

  1. I am definitely going to check it out..I’ve been hesitant to download Firefox because I know absolutely nothing about it. But!! I already have Norton and AdAware, so what the heck!

  2. It was said by one of the bullman that firefox will reduce the risk of getting infected by worm when surfing on internet,because little virus-creator focuses on fierfox.IE or some other browser which is based on IE(such as Maxthon,TT)is not so safe as Firefox.
    ps:in Chinese bullman is a slangy word,it means someone being expert in the field.this word is very very popular especially between younth.
    the bullman here I mean it refers the board moderator of Virus Department of our BBS.
    May we cann’t travell around the word freely,but the virus can.
    Do you use System Repair Engineer,hijackthis,unlocker,killbox,kaspersky,norton…

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