I’m pooped.

Lots-o-hard-work this weekend – – but well worth it all.

C. came home from his business trip on Friday night – we spent a nice, quite night of enjoying each other’s company after a week apart. Then Saturday and Sunday were spent working on getting the house put together.

Well, not completely…

I had a patient visit to do on Saturday morning. This is the same family who taught me the magic of making Ghee and taught me how to make my own greeting cards – – very creative family, really! When I was finished doing my visit on Jim — his wife asked me if I needed flowers for my new home. Apparently, her flowerbed has been overrun with Irises and she needed to thin hers out and make room for other flowering beauties. She proceeded to go out to her garden and dig up about 3 dozen different Irises – – of all different colors. And a huge bunch of ‘Bachelor’s Buttons’ for me to take home.

C. and I then made a trip out to Menard’s and bought 18 pounds of top soil and some garden edging and came home and went to work at creating a flower bed in the back yard. Not as easy as it seemed, let me tell you!

I finished up the job today – I don’t yet have the Irises in the ground yet – – but I’ll get them there tomorrow. We dug out a very nice, triangle shaped space to plant them. We dug out all the grass and then removed two inches of the soil in the bed – – replaced all that with top soil only to realize that 18 lbs. wasn’t quite enough. We’re going back to get more tomorrow – – we’ll lay the top soil in there, add the garden edging and then it should be ready to for planting!

Ok – so that’s not exactly ‘getting the house set up’ – – but we’re getting there 🙂

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