Playoff Day


End of the first quarter already!

Packers 14

Eagles 0

==== UPDATE 5:12 CST ====

End of second quarter:

Packers 14

Eagles 7

==== UPDATE 6:00 CST ====

End of third quarter:

Packers 14

Eagles 7

==== UPDATE 6:55 CST ====

End of fourth quarter:

Packers 17

Eagles 17

We’re going into overtime!

==== UPDATE – End of Game ====

With a 31 yard field goal – – the Packers lost it.

Packers 17

Eagles 20

Right up to the end, in overtime. A couple of mistakes made – – the Packers should have tried at that last 4th down, instead the punt…and Farve’s flubbed pass that was intercepted in the end, heads the Eagles to Houston to play Carolina.


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3 thoughts on “Playoff Day”

  1. I’m disgusted that the Eagles won – – but when the Packers didn’t go for it when it was 4th and 1 I just had to shake my head and then the interception – – plus the Eagles went for it on 4th and 26 and made the 1st down.

    Brett has had a helluva month and has to be exhausted.

    I agree……. sigh

  2. It’s ok -Tom…I’m still here and I didn’t slit my wrists over the whole ordeal . . . which must mean only one thing.

    Life goes on after your favorite team takes the playoff game….puts it in a box, wraps it up in pretty paper – – ties a perfect red ribbon around it and hands it off to the freakin Eagles!

    Really, I’m fine

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