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Plaxo, Reminder ServiceTomorrow is Pat’s birthday! Isn’t that great? How do I know that? I use Plaxo to stay connected with friends, family, clients and peers within my own industry. It’s a great little service and it has a reminder service. You input the dates you want to remember . . . and it sends you an email a few days ahead of time, giving you NO reason to forget your anniversary, your Mom’s birthday – – or whatever special date that requires remembering.

Great service, yep. Wonderful. Helpful.

Now, can someone remind me who the hell Pat is? I’d be forever grateful!

And Pat, if you’re out there reading this right now – – please accept a thousand apologies for not knowing who you are and why I wanted to remember your birthday. I’m combing through the dark regions of my brain trying to figure it out. At some point in time, I thought it was important to remember your birthday, Pat…that should count for something, should it not? Even if I don’t remember who you are this year – – there WAS a year that I thought it was important enough to set a reminder. Friends like me don’t just come along every day, you know.

So, to Pat – where ever you are today (and WHO ever you are) – – may the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields, until we meet again . . . .

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Yeah that stuff started to happen to me so I added a note of who people were to the comments field in my address book in order to keep things straight. Things like

    “2007-05 contacted me about Lunch 2.0 for AdMob”

    Disclaimer: I used to work at Plaxo and I wrote the birthday eCards service.

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