Planning on sleeping tonight


Sure I am – it’s already almost 1am! But, thanks to Margi – Chris went out to the drugstore and got some Melatonin to see if that wouldn’t make a dent in my current state of insomnia. I sure hope so! Margi – I’ll let ya know!

All Along The Watchtower Greg, over at All Along The Watchtower contacted me for some skin! He is currently stationed in Afghanistan and is keeping the blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends back home while he is deployed. Go on over and give him a big heap of thanks – to him and his family, as well!

As I See It Vicki, over at As I See It, provided me with some GREAT images to work with for her two new skins. She had some really great ideas that we put to work this week and got her a brand new look.

As I See ItShe is brand spanking new to blogging, and to the use of WordPress – so she could use some visits and comments over there to fuel her creative fires! We set her up with the WP Weather plugin, a Shoutbox, PHP skinning, WP Usersonline, WP stats and the Recent Comments plugin – – she is all set to go.

Yes, Vinnyyou really ARE next! 🙂

Also, on a different note – please welcome the following Buds to the Blogs About community:

Tam Doduc
Creating Plenty

Many more to come – – those are just the active ones for now!

As for me – – more work tomorrow . . . but for tonight: sleep!

9 thoughts on “Planning on sleeping tonight”

  1. Hope you get to sleep soon!! I slept in way too late today and then took a nap… so no wonder I am still awake (it’s only midnight here)

  2. I actually get good results with Excedrin PM, although it does not counter the effects of the side-effects I get when I take antihistamines. No matter what, I ain’t gonna fall asleep if I take those.

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  4. I’ve had fairly decent sleep with the melatonin. I hope it worked for you!

    I’ve been using Benedryl (shaddup, even Docs prescribe off-indications) but I don’t like the hangover feeling.

    As usual, your designs are stellar, girl.


  5. I tried a little vanilla brandy (pick up a couple fresh beans at Penzey’s, drop in bottle of VSOP, wait a week or so) last night. Worked like a charm. :mrgreen:

  6. Get outside in the morning sun as early as feasible and stay outside or take a walk for at least 20min. Do not wear sunglasses. The morning light resets your bio-clock. Do it right and you should start feeling sleepy in 12 hours. Of course Benadryl is always effective and a bottle of wine beginning at 9pm works like a charm. Sweet dreams best of luck.

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