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Considering how screwed up our summer was with Chris being gone for 3 months and my working like a fiend – now that things have calmed down considerably, I’m planning a vacation. We already have a vacation planned in February – which is the annual coporate trip that Chris’s company hosts every year . . . this one I’m planning for the Chris, I and the kids. I’m looking a few different locations for a nice, relaxing ski trip.

In February, we’re headed out to Lake Tahoe for the corporate ski trip, just Chris and I (and the other owners of the company) – – this one, we’re just looking to stay sort of local. Short enough distance for us to hop in the truck and drive to. I’m looking at Rib Mountain or Ski Brule.

I am so looking forward to ski season, I can taste it. The last remaining days of summer are going by so slow now – it’s excruciating. Skiing is such a stress buster. During those winter months, when I want to get away from it all (which was just about every night) – – I’d load up the ski gear and head out for a few hours. The mixture of the excercise, fresh air and gorgeous winter days/nights were enough to put me back in the right frame of mind. Suppose it would be a little premature of me to be peeking out my window for some of those falling, white, frozen flakes of fun? /sigh

In the meantime, I’m planning this trip – which will, hopefully, drag me out of these dog days of summer dulldrums and into the cool, crisp days of winter!

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