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Ever have one of those weeks where everyone just wants a piece of you??

I need a hole to hide in!

I was out of the office all day today – running errands and doing the doctors appointments that the kids need prior to school starting. With our school district, if your kids are involved in any of the sports programs – they are required, by the state, to have a physical every year before school begins. Problem is, every other parent wtih their kid were at the doctor’s office today causing delays you would not believe.

Red Bull Early, early this morning – at 8am I had a doctor’s appointment of my own. I’m getting my tubes tied. Yep! Gettin’ them snipped! So I had my preliminary appointment this morning to get all the necessary blood work and tests done prior to surgery. Since it was so early – – and it’s an hour drive away… I’m not my best in the early morning hours, I stopped at the gas station on the way down. Their coffee smelled scary and they didn’t carry any Starbuck’s Double Shots – so I thought I would give a Red Bull a try and see if that made any difference at all to my current blurry eyed condition. I had never tried one of these before – – but hey, everytime I see a picture of Demi Moore in a magazine – she’s carrying a Red Bull. And she seems full of energy, right? So it MUST be good if SHE is doing it, right? Right?

So I drank the Red Bull. And it wasn’t too bad really. Quite honestly – – I think it tastes like liquid Pixie Stix.

pixie stix

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10 thoughts on “Pixie Stix”

  1. Every time someone mentions Red Bull, I think of one of two things… 1) Jager(meister) Bombs. *blech* and 2) Christopher Walken (snl skits)

  2. They are nasty! If you’ve never tried one, count your lucky stars! Don’t get sucked into the whole “c’mon, it tastes like candy” peer pressure. Stick to your guns! Don’t be weak like me! 😉

    So how does Red Bull work for “energizing” you?

    Although, I still don’t think I’d be able to substitute coffee for anything in the mornings. Not that coffee wakes me up or anything, but I’m addicted! If I don’t have any, I go through withdrawals…and soda doesn’t cut it, either!

  3. Hey Wench – now I could never, ever give up my coffee. There’s nothing that could replace it, e v e r !

    I don’t believe the red bull energized me, though. Did it raise my blood sugar? No doubt!

    Thanks for the warning on the JagerBomb – – I’ll just say NO! 🙂

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