Piled High…. and Deep


I had weekend plans. Truly, I did. Those plans were squashed with just a few phone calls through out my day today. Without going into any hairy details – I’ve entered into the final, final — did I say final, editing process of WordPress For Dummies. It’s been a long road – – the book and I have been through a lot together. I guess this is my opportunity to say my final goodbyes… soon to send it off into the big bad world to fend for itself. The best I can do is prepare it for a successful future! So, yea – you won’t be seeing me around here over the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend – – get out, enjoy the sunshine!

They Can’t Take That Away From Me
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8 thoughts on “Piled High…. and Deep”

  1. What sunshine?!? We’ve got more torrential rainfall predicted for Saturday – and worse for Sunday.

    Good luck with the final edits! Don’t forget to mention that amazing British blog with the illustrated DJ header… LOL!

  2. Thanks, Paul – – and I’m sorry to hear about your torrential downpour. We sure could use some of that rain over here right about now!

    I’m searching my brain to figure out a way to mention that British blogger who thinks my head is already big enough – – I’ll try! :p

  3. I’ll do you a swap then… You have some rain, and I’ll take some of your sun!

    This year’s the first that we’ve had our own garden, and ironically enough there has only been three days since April when the ground’s been dry enough for the kids to play out!

    Have you got a crisis management plan in place by the way – to deal with your head reaching titanic proportions upon seeing the book in a store? 😉

  4. Well..see – I’m still trying to decide if I should become a total ego maniac that you all will make fun of … or if I should change my name, my appearance and move out of the country with my tail between my legs.

    Really, it’s a hard decision – – I’m still mulling it over :p

    I can’t believe you guys have had THAT much rain! Though, the UK is kind of a soggy place…

  5. Perhaps you should make everybody refer to you as “the blogger formally known as Lisa”? 😉

    Soggy is an understatement. Mind you, they reckon we’re going to get a real doozy of a summer later on in the year – so we could very well be barbecuing the Christmas Turkey at this rate! 😉

  6. HAHA – well, perhaps you could create one of those funky insignias that I can use in place of my name?

    We BBQ’d a Turkey once – it actually turned out quite nice. I’ll send over the recipe if it comes to that in December!

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