Getting Out of Chores

I spent a few hours today in therapy. I don’t seek my therapy laying down on the couch of a shrink bemoaning my childhood and my neurosis-of-the-day . . . lately, I find my therapy outside, digging in the dirt adn planting things. I really have to force myself to get out there – – pry myself away from working in my office for an hour or two… but once I’m there, it’s hard to get me back in. Today, I was outside so long, I’m actually a bit sunburnt. In April. In Wisconsin. Unheard of! I planted azaleas, rhododendron […]

Wow! What a weekend!

We’re back from NYC – – no SMALL thanks to the weather on the flight back home that had us rockin’ and rollin’ in our seats the entire way. We got so much done for the wedding – I’m feeling like this is ACTUALLY going to happen at the time, place and way we planned it. Damn, that is amazing, really! I thought the weekend was going to be a bust when we first found out that the caterer couldn’t meet with us at all that weekend because she got called away for a funeral that she had to attend. […]

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