I've been Schmapped!

Schmap provides interactive travel guides and maps that are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slideshows for places of interest. Why do I care, really? Because I’ve been schmapped – if that is really a word? I guess I just mean to say that the makers of Schmap contacted me a few weeks ago for the ability and permission to use a photograph that I took in their New York City edition of Schmap. One day, while in NYC, I snapped a picture of a Subway. Why? I dunno – why does anyone snap pictures of […]

Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB) – WordPress Plugin

All work & no play. . makes me kinda grumyish, ya know? So, I took a bit of a break yesterday and gave a complete overhaul to my photoblog, It was fun, quick and easy – I wanted the design to be VERY light and simple. I am pretty sure I succeeded with that –you don’t get much more light and simple than this: While you are at it – check out a few of the photos I have posted recently: A little history… The photoblog started in 2005 and it was powered by WordPress one point something back […]

Meet Jingles

In my previous post, I told the story of how I became a new bird owner. I finally got a nice picture of her this morning – here she is.. ain’t she purty?

Oriole – Finally!

I know.. I know.. I posted my backyard birdwatching a few days ago. You’d think all I do is bird watch, hey? I don’t.. not really. When I was out the other day taking pictures of my fine feathered friends – the one I was really hoping would stop by wasn’t there. But! He was here today. I happened to look out the window on my way to make a cup of coffee and saw him in the tree. See, I put out a special feeder for him every year – and he typically ignores it. I’ve seen him a […]

Backyard Birdwatching

I found this little guy outside in my backyard today. He was so friendly and just kind of hung around while I was watering stuff – so I went inside and grabbed the camera, came back out and he was still there – he wants to say hi: Find more of my backyard friends after the jump….

Back to school

Quote of the day? “freshmen are the most annoying…. things. i swear they get more and more cocky every year” This bit of wisdom is brought to you by a teenage girl who is 2 whole days into her sophmore year of high school. Heh. I’ve been under the weather. Down and out. Sick and tired (literally sick and tired). I’m behind on email. I apologize. Tonight is my mass-emailing night to get myself caught up. In the meantime – have a look at my new photoblog – – well, it’s not new, really. I’ve had it since June 2005. […]

Bonaire Diving

This is a post that I promised my friend, Balbulican. Balbulican is a diver of the experienced and knowledgeable sort. I spent a few days, prior to our honeymoon, in email conversation with him about Bonaire – specifically regarding diving in Bonaire. He is a WEALTH of information and he should get paid for doing this stuff, really. An encyclopedia of knowledge he is. He runs a site at Underwater Motion, with his friend George – where they are “committed to capturing the beauty and excitement of the world’s premiere dive destinations on DVD.” Before we left for Bonaire – […]

Caught – Yellow-Handed!

We’re so good to the bird visitors in our yard. We have a nice little habitat back there – something for everyone. We give them suet, millet, sunflower seeds (striped and black oil), fruit, nuts – – a bird bath with a nice mister for them to wash and play in — We have hummingbird feeders, oriole feeders and thistle finch feeders. We even put out special ‘bunting’ for them to tear apart to make their nests out of. Today – I have an ungrateful finch. Here’s the culprit: Looks innocent enough, doesn’t he? He flew up and perched atop […]

Dove Love

I was outside today .. doing some spring cleaning in the yard – getting it ready for its’ first mow of the year (it took me 3.5 hours to mow that yard today!). While walking around and making sure everything was out of the yard that could potentially break the mower blades (did that last year on a tree stump.. and learned my lesson!) – I came upon this little guy… he wasn’t even the least bit afraid of me. We have doves all over the yard. It’s so neat to see the various pairs of doves hanging out – […]

Patio Garden

Last Sunday was my birthday. Chris and the kids gave me a $500 certificate for our local garden shop!! Now you know why I haven’t been posting on this blog at all! If I’m not working – I’m outside digging in the dirt and rolling in the mud! I decided to start building a container garden around the patio. I was happy to find, when we arrived at the garden center, they had whiskey barrels on sale! (sadly, they were void of any whiskey). We got a bunch of those. Filled the truck with a dozen bags dirt and then […]

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