Peripheral Artery Disease


That’s a hefty title, hey?

Yea. We just found out that is my mother’s official diagnosis. She’s been having problems with her feet over the last month, or so. Lots of fluid retention, discoloration…pain. I’m a little irked with the Doc she has been seeing about this problem. It could be just me – – with a patient who has diabetes and is a heavy smoker with high blood pressure and that patient tells me that her toes are purple, her foot is so swollen that she can’t put her shoe on and she’s having pain that keeps her from sleeping at night… as a nurse, I’m conditioned to respond to those facts in a pretty urgent manner.

This doc has been putting her through this test, and that test… he even sent her to a Podiatrist for crying out loud! It wasn’t until this past Thursday that they finally did a Doppler test – three weeks after she made her initial symptom complaints to him. The symptoms that have quickly worsened over the past three weeks…to the point of intolerable pain, swelling and much discoloration.

On some level, I am trying to believe that he has a method to his madness – – but today? Today they are talking about possibly amputating her right foot. I can’t help it – but have to wonder if the possible treatment options she is facing could have been avoided? Could this have been treated with bypass surgery instead of amputation if it would have been detected sooner? Or was the disease already to far in it’s progression even then. I’m no doctor. It’s just the questions that are in my head.

We’re waiting on word from the Doc today about what the final decision is on her treatment. Either way, she’ll be having surgery this week – – either a bypass or the amputation, I guess.

Everyone is scared and worried, understandably so. All things get put on hold the minute she heads to the hospital for this – – I’ll be there with her for every second of this.

We’re talking about postponing the wedding until the end of the summer, depending on what her rehabilitation outlook looks like. Not entirely sure I’ll be making that appearance at SXSW in March. None of that really matters at this point.

Seeing Mom through…and Dad – that’s what matters right this minute.

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7 thoughts on “Peripheral Artery Disease”

  1. My god, I hope she’ll be ok and I totally understand your frustrations and questioning of the doctors procedures. I was going through that during the first part of my uncles stroke. They were putting things off that should have been done so they could “test”. Tests were useless and he could have been out of coma and had the blood infection treated early on instead of letting it run for a week and a half more. *sigh*
    Anyway, I’m thinking of you all and I’m sending good vibes your way sugar *hugs*

  2. I’d be furious if I was in your situation. But hard to say if I’m speaking logically or irrationally. My world is still spinning after the death of my mother. My heart goes out to you and your family and I hope she will be ok and receives the best treatment possible. You are a wonderful daughter.

  3. See another doctor or at least get a second opinion before doing anything as drastic as that mentioned here.

    My heart goes out to you; I shudder to think of my mom geting older and infirm. Rest when you can.

    If i can be any kind of help, let me know as far as your biz etc. – Temple

  4. I hope all goes well with your mother. I hate it when doctors have the cause staring them right in the face but they wont’ get off their collective high and mighty asses to see it. I went through that over a year ago. Severe back pain. After some prescribed ibuprofen and rest didnt’ work, and I pitched a fit, they finally did an MRI to find out I had a torn disc and there was something on one of my vertebra, but they just didn’t know what. For three months, they dragged their feet finding out what was wrong with, all the while, it turns out I’m walking around, bending, lifting, all in pain, with a broken pedicle. Now I have permanent nerve damage.

    Doctors need to see past their own holiness and really pay attention to their patients. I pray your mom will be ok.

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