Paradise Lost & Found


My tan is fading already . . . I can FEEL it!

We’re back and we had just a fabulous time! Lots of sun and sand – – snorkeling and drinking and some great time with some fantastic friends. Who could ask for more in a vacation??

The folks who already know I am home didn’t believe me when I said I was actually able to relax, without a computer in front of my face. Well, here’s my proof for you non-believers:

Relaxation Proof

Probably the one and only time I will put a cleavage shot up here on this blog – – but that’s me in St. Maarten’s … relaxing in the shade of a few palm trees. . . no computer in site!!

I have TONS more pictures to share of the cruise and the fun antics aboard ship . . along with some great shots of local wildlife and such – – but that comes later when I’ve actually organized the 6GB of pictures that we shot in the past week!

Here are a few that I’ve taken off the memory cards:

Our ship – the Princess Caribbean – took this one from the beach at Princess Cays Island:


The boat is anchored out in the ocean, as there is no docking area at the Princess Cays Island. They ferried us in on little ‘tenders’:


Those tenders dropped from the sides of the ship – – we all loaded in and took the 10 minute ride to the beach.

On the island, a guy was doing fruit carvings with watermelons:

Fruit Carvings

At 102 degrees – – I just wanted to EAT the watermelon!

There is just one more little picture that I was able to grab off the memory card today.

That, my friends – would be a picture of my left hand!!

Yes, after 5 years – – Chris finally popped the question and I said yes!

It went something like this – – on the streets of St. Thomas:

Chris: “So, will you marry me??”
Me: (shock!) “Um, well – I didn’t think you were the marrying type??”
Chris: “You’ve changed my mind”
Me: Really? How did that happen?
Chris: Hey – I asked a question first!
Me: Darlin’ – I will absolutely marry you!!

It was a day to remember for me !

More pictures to follow in the days to come. For now, it’s time to catch up on some work now that I have a computer in front of my face!

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24 thoughts on “Paradise Lost & Found”

  1. Michelle – thank you 🙂

    Tammy – – it was just a FABULOUS time, thanks! I’ve yet to wipe the smile off my face 🙂

    Vicki – – thanks hun! *hugs* – – it will definitely be one to remember 🙂

  2. OK no fair, you can’t post nothing for a week, then post this news and then bury it imediatly under 3 other posts…. Congratulations… glad you had a wonderful time.

  3. WOOT! Congratulations! Yay! Yay! It’s a year for weddings! Hee!

    Did I say congratulations? Congratulations! What a beautiful ring!

  4. RedFred, not only did she BURY it under three other posts, we had to click the “read more” button to really find out. Sneaky, sneaky Lisa.

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