You say God give me a choice… You say Lord I say Christ… I don’t believe in Peter Pan… Frankenstein or Superman… All I wanna do is…. Bicycle!


I did at LEAST 5 miles on that bike of mine today! I don’t know about anyone else – – but am I the only one who suffers a really really sore ass after a long bike ride??

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  1. I do the bike to work thing 3 times a week (9 miles each way) and my butt has been doing fine…lately 😉 Not so good the first few weeks. I think it has gone numb or developed calluses or something. I did get one of those gel seat covers and it helped a LOT right away. Good luck! Stick with it, you will be soooo glad you did.

  2. I know how you feel. My wife bought me a mountain bike for my birthday last year. The seat was… well to be perfectly honest… it looked as if it could have been used as a sex toy in a porno. (Not that I would have any idea about such things)
    It hurt… very badly. Not that I have a big ass(my wife says I actually don’t have an ass which may be worse than having a big one) but going over some bumps I’m pretty sure the thing disappeared up my can. Does that constitute a gay experience?
    Needless to say, I bought a big ass seat filled with gel to support my delicate fanny. I really does make bike riding much more enjoyable.

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