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Dare I make a prediction on this game today? Last week, I predicted that the Pack would take da’Bears 28 – 7 and I could not have been more wrong. I wasn’t just wrong – – I was WAY OFF.

This week – I’ll venture out there and predict that the Pack will take the Colts 21 – 7. I think the Pack is still hurting after last weeks match up – – Farve was especially P.O.’d, if you caught his post-game press appearance, that boy was none too happy.

For now, I’m headed upstairs to make some snacks for game time. The Pack doesn’t play until 3:15pm – so I’ll busy myself with some baking and laundry, and stuff. Chris, on the other hand, thinks I’m nuts. He’s a Brit – so of course football doesn’t even compare with rugby. Chris is a rugby elitist. Last year, all he did during the football games, I had to listen to how this isn’t a ‘real sport’ because they wear pads . . because they break frequently . . because they have a defensive team, offensive team, special teams, etc, etc. . where in rugby, they have one team that plays all and they only have a halftime break. Rugby is almost continuous play – – whereas American Football is a 60 minute game that takes 4 hours to complete.

Short version? American Football is Rugby for pussies.

Yea, yea – be that as it may – – this year, I think I am noting a little bit of actual interest out of him as I sit down to watch the game. He still complains about the start-stoppishness of it all, but I’ll make a cheesehead out of him yet!

Update: My Pack lost it 45-31. I’m left with only one question – – what the hell has happened to the defense? Anyone remember Reggie White’s D-Team?? I do. I also have to say this – – if I ever run into Jason David on the street – – I’ll be smacking his hands with a ruler. Both of them. Hard.

Sean seems to think I suck at game predictions. Perhaps he’s right. I’ll keep trying, though – you never know, I might get better at this as the season progresses!

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  1. Came here from Grim’s Hall. Nice blog.

    Rugby is a damned rough sport, and I take a back seat to no one in my admiration for its’ players, but you might care to point out to Chris that pads, and later helmets, were instituted in the gridiron game because of several widely publicized deaths and cripplings which resulted from teams continually lining up apart from each other, and both sides exploding into a sprint and colliding at top speed when the signal for play to commence was given. Teddy Roosevelt had something to do with this, if I recall correctly, and is credited with saving the game. People at the time were calling for the abolition of football, because of the tragic deaths involved.

    Rugby players run around a lot, but not at the fastest speed they are capable of, play after play. Tell Chris that if the gridiron game were played without pads, full force, we would see several deaths per season at any given level. Deaths and cripplings still occur once in a while, even with the most modern pads and helmets available.

  2. I really don;t think you can compare the 2 games. They are both tough sports and both require strength. But Americna Football is a more skilled game then rugby. I like to watch both.
    But my favorite sport is soccer (football) And i also love to watch hockey.

  3. Thanks, Preston – – the Colts are hot today . . but you’re right, the Pack is hanging tough. Guess my prediction was way off, again.

    Sorry about your Titans 🙁

  4. Mike – thanks!

    Believe me, I completely understand what you’re saying about the pad and helmets. Chris is a snotty Brit – what can you expect?

    He understands the reason, too – – but he’ll never come close to ever admitting it. lol

  5. Stix – I never much got into watching Rugby . . of course, televised games are hard to come by around here. Or are they . . I guess I haven’t looked for it.

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  8. I must admit, I have always wondered about that 4 hour thing. It’s the same in basketball, though, not quite as bad as football. I do find it quite perplexing. And I love the word perplexing, BTW.

  9. Lisa, I’ve always thought wearing a foam piece of yellow swiss (that ISN’T cheddar) was as stupid as going shirtless at Lambeau Field in December. It taints the majesty and history of the NFL’s greatest franchise.

    As for the Reggie White D, when you can clone Leroy Butler, a healthy Gilbert Brown, Sean Jones, and George Koonce you might see the Pack winning another Super Bowl.

  10. Thanks for that tip, Stix – – I’ll be sure to look up a game or two. Any particular team I should look out for?

    As for your friend . . . well, good for him! Nothing better than actually being at the game, up close and personal, when they win! 🙂

  11. Rugby vs American football vs proper football(actually played with feet…) all I can say is can’t we all just get along ?I am an avid fan of all sports (except basketball) and I don’t understand why Americans have to deride “soccer” and rugby any more than I understand the Brits bashing American football. They are totally different games, that require different abilities, in Rugby you have to be an all rounder, able to tackle, catch, and run for 80 mins, but none of them would be able to compete one on one with an American football player. Vice versa put an American football player on a rugby field and he will be burnt out in the first half. It is like asking sprinters to run marathons. As for the stoppages, sure to the rugby fanatic they spoil the spontaneity but they allow for intense game play that is not an option in Rugby.

    In short both games are great and I would recommend that Rugby fans watch more AF and AF fans watch some rugby.. they are not so dissimilar, Rugby is just 4th down and goal from where ever you get the damn ball, punting on the fly.

    PS I didn’t know you were married to a Brit… I was surprised that you had such good taste.

  12. Thanks for the summary Redfred – I’m in complete agreement with you on all counts.. planning on taking Stix’s suggestion and looking up rugby on Fox Sports sometime soon 🙂

    PS – I’m not married, but thanks for the lovely comment on it.

  13. Lisa, I haven’t forgotten about you- but the best prices I’ve seen for the Dec games are $200/piece. I’ll keep looking…but if you are interested in that – let me know – those are face value.

  14. girl,
    have you lost your mind there was no way the colts would lose to the packs. have you been smoking something? granted the colts’ have no defense the offense can hold their own and can make up for lack of defense.

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