Pack Fans


Mostly, this is for RedFred..but Astro can feel free to play along, too.

You just don’t find this kinda shit anywhere else, man!

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4 thoughts on “Pack Fans”

  1. Well, I married one of those Pack fans, and my college roommate was one as well. Seems like I just can’t get away from them! 😯

  2. Ha!!! I went to a game at Lambeau once-they were playing the Dolphins back when Dan Marino was still playing. What a trip that was!!! I think I paid over $300 a ticket for that game. Ugh! With everyone tailgaiting, you could smell brats for MILES and MILES outside the stadium…people out here don’t even know what brats are. Hmmph. Maryland people. Bah.

  3. This just in…
    Minneapolis police reported that some individual attempted to “egg” Mike Tice’s house last night.

    An empty egg carton was recovered at the scene. Two eggs hit Mr. Tice’s house, three eggs went over his house and hit his neighbor’s back door, two eggs hit the houses of each of his next door neighbors, and the remaining three eggs were found broken on the ground near the carton from where the individual threw them.

    Based on the evidence found at the scene, police officials have put out an APB on Daunte Culpepper. :mrgreen:

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