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I’ve started a new blog. Why?? Why, Lisa – WHY would you do that to yourself?

The answer is simple. I blog about my hosting business here. I know that my clients take a peek in here on occassion to see if I’ve posted updates, upgrades and information about the hosting service. What’s going on with it? What’s new? What’s exciting? What sucks? Well, ok – scratch that. Nothing sucks about it – – but you get my drift. The template hasn’t been developed yet — I’m still using the WordPress default template there. The site, itself, will be upgraded and designed as the days go by in the week. There’s only so much time in the day, ya know?

I’ve decided to start a Blogs About Hosting Blog that will serve more as a forum for support, help, ideas and collaboration – – an opportunity for feedback and the sharing of ideas for those who host their sites with Blogs About. That way – I don’t have to bore my non-BlogsAboutHosting clients with the humdrum details of what’s going on with the biz!

Having said that – – exactly why aren’t you hosting your site with Blogs About?!? 😉

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