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Seriously, I haven’t updated this site since JULY – almost 4 months ago.  I’m surprised I still have subscribers and that you are still here reading this .. but thank you for sticking around!  So much as been going on since I last updated here, I don’t even know where to begin.  Maybe if I just blank out the last 4 months and start over and pretend like some of this stuff never happened…would you still love me in the morning?

We moved!

For reasons too hairy to discuss, Chris and I had been renting a home over the past 6 years.  It was a large single-family home on 5 acres of country land that suited us perfectly.  We were hoping to buy that home as we were quite happy there for several years.  Over those years, I knew that we should really get around to sitting down with the owner and pounding out the details of purchase – but time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it?  In the meantime, the economy took a dump and the owner of the beautiful home that we were renting called us up one day in July with the news that we had to move out within 30 days because he needed to move in!  He is a successful business owner, locally, but it seemed that his own business started not doing so well, in addition to the fact that his wife announced that she was divorcing him – he found himself in the unfortunate place of being suddenly homeless without a lot of resources to draw from.  So, after 6 years of living there (and all the storage, accumulation and ‘pack ratting’ that goes on) – we found ourselves in the position of suddenly having to move within a month!

Picking up and moving is no small feat – – especially when you have not planned or budgeted for it.  There is the matter of first finding a new place to live, arranging the move, packing up ALL that stuff and all the great things that go along with it!  Chaotic and crazy doesn’t even begin to cut it.

But, we did it!  In the end – we persuaded the owner of our former home to give us 60 days, instead of 30 – which gave us a bit more time to get everything done.  We found a new home just 30 minutes south of where we were living – and it’s a beautiful place to call home.  I want to get pictures up to show you – – but the only one that I currently have is a picture I took of the 12 foot Pumpkin Guy that my family insists must be up on the front lawn every Halloween – – so here you go – -our new home behind the 12 foot Pumpkin Guy:

giantpumpkin3And in case you’d like a close up of Pumpkin Guy, himself….

giantpumpkin1I will have a few more pictures to share as soon as life settles down over here.  Especially photos of my great new office space that I took a good deal of time and thought into designing and making into a really nice, creative space that is both functional, and inspiring 🙂  The house, overall, suits us really well – – it’s in a remote location, but still close enough to the city to give us the access we need to the things that we want.  It’s private, wooded and quiet…as I always say, put me out in the middle of nowhere with a computer and my iPod and I’m happy.

On September 1, we officially settled into our new home.  It’s now November 5th and we still have boxes that need unpacking and organizing to do – – but it’s hard to get all of that done when you’re running a business, raising a family, writing a book, trying to keep everyone happy and just trying to do little things like eat…sleep…breathe.

The reality is, you do what you can in a day – and then rest…then wake up and do it again the next day until it’s done.  There’s only so much that can be done in a day and trying to stay realistic and keep everything in perspective without developing an ulcer was my greatest accomplishment over these past few months.  But the move done – and we’re here and I’d rather not do something like this again anytime real soon, ok? Thanks!

Work has been nothing short of crazy!

On top of moving – – as well as coming down with every variation of seasonal flu’s, AND (for those of you who know the story) several rounds of oral surgery that I may some day expound upon here on this blog (maybe) – my work has been constant, fun and challenging!  I’ve launched several new client sites over the past few months – with several more in the works.  It is mostly the work, and the move, that have been keeping me from updating this blog, Twittering, being active on Facebook – – or any of that other fun stuff that other people do when they have time! 🙂   Here’s a listing of a few client sites that I’ve done over the past few weeks – – some haven’t made it into my official portfolio yet – but all in good time!

WeEarth.com is a social community powered by WordPress MU and Buddypress with lots of custom features.
The Nourish Network is a “Foodie” social community powered by Wordress MU and BuddyPress
Equestrian Pilates is powered by WordPress, using several custom page and category templates to create the content delivery they were looking for.
Equestrian Pilates is powered by WordPress, using several custom page and category templates to create the content delivery they were looking for.
Buckley's Story by author Ingrid King - powered by WordPress with a soft, custom design that featured Buckley, himself in the custom designed header.
Buckley’s Story by author Ingrid King – powered by WordPress with a soft, custom design that featured Buckley, himself in the custom designed header.
Custom designed small business web site powered by WordPress with several nice features.
Custom designed small business web site powered by WordPress with several nice features.

Those are the few off the top of my head over the last 1-2 months that I’ve launched, there are more that I’ve done, and more coming soon  – – one thing at a time and they’ll all see the light of day!

Speaking of work – – I did have to shut down our request form at E.Webscapes due to the amazing amount of requests for new projects that I am sorely lacking the time to get through myself at this point!  I really wish I could spread myself that thin  – – or maybe even clone myself, in order to get them all done and fit them into my schedule.  But, alas – I gave up on being super woman several years ago (eat…sleep….breath…)   To that end, I am currently hiring talented designers who are experienced in WordPress, WPMU, BuddyPress – and even some with experience with Movable Type, TypePad and Expression Engine to join our team at E.Webscapes.  Know anyone interested?  The official job posting appears here at Freelance Switch! I am looking to re-open requests for new projects after the Thanksgiving holidays – – between now and then, I’ll have the chance to get my current projects up to date and done, hire on a few new talented team members, re-organize our project management system and launch a clean new design over at E.Webscapes – – all that, and turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, too!  Gobble, gobble!

I do have several other announcements that I’ll be making this week as it relates to my new book that is coming out soon (BuddyPress For Dummies), as well as personal speaking appearance I will be making in the Big Apple (NYC!) next week that I am really excited about.  Think: WordPress, BuddyPress and building communities on the web.  I will be blogging more about that over the next day or two!

Mea Culpa

Because of our sudden re-location, the activities involved in the move, the attack of flu season, my work and book deadlines and my recent surgeries (with all of the accompanying complications, days of hazy pain meds and recovery), I have been a bit isolated and (somewhat) incommunicado.  If I am not working hard and long hours, I am unpacking and organizing… or recovering and trying to keep my health up.  The flu appears to be finally over (yay!) and I am about 95% recovered from my surgeries…another day or two and I should be back to normal!  My book is (mostly) done – at least the big push of deadlines is behind me now and life should start to settle back into some routine of  ‘normal’ over here.

It’s a lot to have happen in just a few months time  – – I have been purely exhausted, but working constantly – and I want to say that I sincerely appreciate friends/family who have been understanding without getting “too” offended that  I haven’t been exactly sociable lately.  I also have some phenomenal clients who I’ve been working with throughout who have been just fantastic and I love ’em!  I do have some projects and emails that I need to get caught up on – – but that is coming quicker than I anticipated, so that is a bonus… and your patience and graciousness is always very much appreciated!

Onward and upward from here – – it’s been a minor blip in the screen, but I’m re-energized and ready to keep moving forward.  Thanks for stickin’ around here and I hope the flu season is leaving you, and those you love, alone!

6 thoughts on “Out From Under . .”

  1. Thanks, Grant – I know you have been wonderfully patient, yourself. We need to chat in a day or to, hey? Thanks for the recent retweets, too – – you rock :)>-

  2. Hey, when you have a pumpkin man who looks like that, you better blow him (up) whenever you get the chance!

    Other than that, I read every word and all I have to say is, it sounds like your life is just as boring as it usually is. 😛

  3. Aww, and here I thought you abandoned me after I missed our dinner date in Cali last year! 😡

    yes, life is just clipping along at its usual boring, slow rate over here — same old, same old 🙂 I think that last time you and I talked, I was talking about how life was just about to get back to normal…heh. yea, whatever 🙂

  4. Of course I still check you out occasionally. I’m getting old and refusing to accept change! :d

    Although the circumstances could have been better, glad to hear the move went well with what looks like a great new place, that you’re still busy as heck, and that the Pumpkin Guy is still around.

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