Out Damn Spot!


Thought I’d mention for all of my BlogSpot using friends out there . . . . Blogs About Hosting is running a special promotional offer JUST FOR YOU!!

Package details (you can also click the graphic for details):

The concept is simple! It really warms our hearts and makes us thrilled to see good bloggers using excellent and reliable blogging applications! WordPress, in combination with services at Blogs About Hosting provides all of that, and MORE!

When you register your domain with us – – and sign up for a domain hosting package – – you will get the following benefits:

  • The normal $10 set up fee is waived!
  • The first month fees are waived!
  • We will import ALL of your Blogger posts into your new WordPress blog set up
  • We will even convert your current template for use with WordPress
  • We provide ongoing support for your hosting account, domain name services AND use of WordPress

Really – that’s like getting your domain name free for one year! It costs $10.95 to register your domain name for a year – – but we waive the $10 set up fee AND first month of hosting fees!

Already have your own domain?? You can still qualify for the “Out Damn Spot” promotional package and receive all of the above benefits – – however, the first months fees won’t be waived, but the set up fee will be!

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