Our Newest Addition


We finally picked up the truck yesterday. We’re doing our part to inflame the liberals in our neighborhood:

Gas Guzzling SUV

At work – I mentioned the new, upcoming purchase. I love to let the liberals go off about how it harms the environment….ask questions like , “Well, you know it’s harmful to our environment, don’t you” and “SUV’s are killing the ozone layer” , and on and on. I let them ramble – – allow themselves to work into a full blown lather – – and just when I think the moment is perfect and they are just about to pop a blood vessel in their left eye – – that’s when I let them know that it runs on Ethanol. Corn Alcohol……

“Yea? Well, the GMC Yukon XL runs on Ethanol, Ken – – what does your car run on?”

Shuts ’em up every single time.

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  2. AK – I’m glad you asked. 🙂

    Wisconsin has three Ethanlol plants and at least 6 Ethanol pumps – one of those pumps is convienently located in my local area. 😛

  3. She’s a beaut! Love the color too. I drive a pewter Suburban… that runs on gas cuz I don’t give a flying F***. It’s the only thing I can work out of and drive my family of 6 around in.

    Good luck with her! I’m sure you’ll soon love it. That is if you don’t already ! 😉

  4. I have a querstion, I live in Ca, and we are having our elections in a few days… prop 87 is so that we will start using ethanol.. but my question is how do we get our cars now to run off of ethanol? I am not sure if you or anyone here knows. I was just looking for how to find out, cause I think it would be a great thig to do, but not sure how possible it is for most californians to make their exhisting cars run on ethanol…. if it is expensive etc.. i would hope there is something that says the state in the $ it is helping us save will pay for the alterations but yea right like that will happen! ok anyways just a question.. nice yukon by the way, I drive a suburban, it is a GASHOG! but i love my truck,,, Mrs. Flax

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