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I know.. I know.. I posted my backyard birdwatching a few days ago. You’d think all I do is bird watch, hey? I don’t.. not really. When I was out the other day taking pictures of my fine feathered friends – the one I was really hoping would stop by wasn’t there. But! He was here today. I happened to look out the window on my way to make a cup of coffee and saw him in the tree.

See, I put out a special feeder for him every year – and he typically ignores it. I’ve seen him a few rare times over the past 5 years – so, of course, I abandoned my coffee and made a mad dash for the camera. Yes, you’ve discovered one of the many things that lights a fire under my butt. Next time, I won’t be so excited and in a rush to get his picture – I may actually even remember to focus the camera next time, before I click the button. Regardless, I give you the Baltimore Oriole – or Icterus galbula (or Oriole de Baltimore (French) or Bosero de Baltimore (Spanish):

Baltimore Oriole
balimore oriole

Oriole Bird Bird Watching

Baltimore Oriole Bird Backyard Birdwatching Bird Photography

29 thoughts on “Oriole – Finally!”

  1. Charles, I’m using my telephoto lens (100-400mm). the pictures hardly do the oriole justice.. but i was in a rush to get him on film (err..memory card), and I’m no professional 🙂

  2. OK, but they’re quite good, it’s extremely difficult to capture these speedy little fellows. Well anyway, thanks for the answer… BTW, you don’t mind me putting a link to your blog on my site, do you?

  3. Charles, thank you 🙂 The Orioles aren’t as speedy as the Hummingbirds – – this guy, in particular, sat and posed on that branch for a good couple minutes before flying off.

    I would be flattered if you added my link to your blog – I’ll do the same! (err.. your link to my blog, that is 😉

  4. About all we have around the house are robins and starlings right now. The starling population seems to be dropping off, and there seems to be some kind of relationship with the bunny population as it too seems to be dropping off… :-\”

  5. Char – we have cardinals around here too – – they make a rare appearance. LOTS of starlings, woodpeckers, doves and robins. I’ve never seen a Blue Jay.. I would love to!

  6. soooooo, THIS is where my Oriole’s went? You lucky girl. It’s Maryland’s official bird and I have only seen one in the last ten years. They seem to have all left. Lovely picture. Thanks for reminding me that they still exist 🙂

  7. BonBon – I’ll tell the Oriole you said hi! I actually saw TWO of them in my backyard today – I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, though.

  8. Brett – that is the problem with inviting all the birds into my backyard with my varous feeders and bird baths – – my car gets pooped on regularly! Ha!


  9. Pretty close. When Mrs. Knight came home from working out or something the other night the Mite was telling her how he had to cover his ears while she was gone… :-\”

  10. Good Job Lisa-I’m no photographer either-I took 2o pictures of an RB Grosbeak and all of them came out blurry because the autofocus -focused on a bush-thanks for the nice pix!

  11. Thanks, Larry – I went to your site to see your Grosbeak… and I got a ‘Page Cannot Be Found” for your URL. I’ll try back again, tho! Happy birdwatching 😀

  12. I saw the oriole in my apple trees today with a very beautiful sing. He was eating the flowers. It is the first time I saw this very nice bird at my place. I took few pictures. This bird look like very much of your picture.
    France from Valleyfield, Quebec

  13. I just BARELY captured an oriole on camera today and was thrilled!It was the first time I have seen them here (ALberta Canada)We also have many Blue JAys and yellow morning finchesbut to see orange today I was very excited!

  14. My exact sentiment when I saw my first Oriole on my post feeder in my backyard. I started screaming “there here” and ran to the frig to get some oranges for my Oriole Feeder. The oranges that were on the feeder at that time were all dried up from last year. I obviously did not have any Orioles visit last year. My invading the backyard to put the fresh oranges on the feeder frighten him away and I was so afraid that he would not return. But he did. The next day a female came to indulge in the oranges. She sat there for quite a long time getting her fill. I thought as you did that they had finally arrived but after three days of admiring them in their golden splendor, they were gone. It is now October and I don’t think I will be seeing them again. Maybe next year they will honor me again as I believe they were just passing through. I would love to put a link to your sight if you don’t mind.

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