Orchids are probably the single most beautiful flower I’ve ever witnessed. Something about them is so pure, fragile and delicate.

They are also the most difficult thing to grow. I’m a glutton for punishment, apparently. Up until last year – I would never dream of bringing orchids into this house with the intention to grow them. Pictures of them, yes. Fake ones – – most assuredly. But real ones? In a pot? Alive?

The poor things wouldn’t stand a chance.

Well…I rethought that way of thinking last year when I brought home the most gorgeous orchid. Pure white with a purple beard. Just gorgeous and perfect. I bought the recommended medium in which to grow them. I bought special Orchid food (fertilizer) – – watered it as I was supposed to. And promptly killed it two months later.


I didn’t buy one again until yesterday. I brought home the same kind – – the pure white one with the purple beard. This time, I had read up on orchids – – the care and feeding of them. I am now an expert at growing them – – at least on paper. I brought this beauty home with all the intention in the world of babying it beyond it’s wildest dreams.

I bought the perfect pot for it. The growing medium (moss and bark) and the fertilizer. I set myself up in the kitchen to put it in it’s new home. Then promptly broke them flower stem in half when I was repotting it.

Dammit! These things cost $35 a piece!

Here are the poor flowers…alone without their host…in a tiny shot glass:

Aren’t they gorgeous? I was devestated. I mean, I still have the plant part which, once the stem was cut off at the base, will surely bring forth more blooms in a few months. But still!

Well…Chris to the rescue (again). The poor guy just puts up with me, you know? While I’m in the kitchen saving what is left of my beautiful orchid plant – – he’s getting his coat on and grabbing the keys. I look at him and say – “Where are you going?” He replies with “We are going to Stein’s (our local garden center) and getting another orchid – you’re just too miserable over there with your broken one.”

So we did. I couldn’t talk him out of it. I tried. …”Sweetie, that is kind – – but this will bloom again in a month or two.” But..he knows how stupid I am about growing things..flowers, plants and such. He was a man on a mission for a new orchid.

This time – I didn’t go for the pure white ones – I went for the spider purple:

Just gorgeous, hey?

4 thoughts on “Orchids”

  1. Orchids are so beautiful – – tulips are my favorites, but orchids are right up there.

    I’ve never tried to grow one, but have read about the competitions held each year for orchids and their growers and it seems like stiff competition.

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  3. Mmmmmm well I think you got rip off because these kind of orchids “phalaenopsis” you can find these blooming size anywhere like ebay, and walmart for about $10 dollars plus tax. Oh well know you know. But yes they are beautiful. :)>-

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