Opinions are like . . .


. . . everyone has one.

It’s one thing to email a person and say, “Hey – I’ve read your blog, I think we have common interests. Here’s the URL to my blog – come on over and take a look?” – – or something of that nature.

That’s fine. I like that, actually.

But – when someone takes it upon themselves to put you on their mailing list that mails out every single blog entry they ever make to my email address — I get a little annoyed.

There is no ‘opt out’ feature. There is no pre-emptive email that states “Hey, I have this mailing list – want to be on it?”. Nope. None of that.

There are currently about 10 people that do this to me. Most of them are political blogs and the posts get emailed to my Right Voices email address. This forces me to do one of two things:

1. Live with it.
2. Email them and say, “Why am I on your email list. If I want to read your entries, I’ll visit your blog”

#2 usually gets me some hate mail in return…

“..Well, we have common interests and you have a political blog, too. I thought you’d like to hear other opinions, rather than your own.”

Yes – that is why I read other blogs. Voluntarily. I don’t go around force feeding my blog posts down other people’s throats.

Is this spam? I mean, they’re not trying to sell me anything. Or get me to invest in anything. There’s no harm in it at all, really – except for my annoyance.

One of these blogs post about 10 times a day – – and I get all 10 posts in my email box, whether I wanted them, or not.

Maybe I should start grabbing emails off every blog I visit and assume that what I have to say on my blog is SO important to everyone else, that I’ll start mailing off my blog posts to them every single time I update. Then, I’ll get mad about it when they email me and tell me to piss off.

Sounds like a plan, Stan.

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26 thoughts on “Opinions are like . . .”

  1. That’s so stupid of them to just assume you want to read all their stuff, and even worse that they are insulted when you tell them you don’t want to be subscribed. Whatever, don’t let em get to you.

  2. Funny that you mention this. I just got some emails this past week from people adding me to their email lists. Sends me the whole stinking update they just made.
    Yeah it annoys me.

  3. I just tag them as spam so the IP address is blocked/dumped into Bulk and I delete them all at once. And you’re right, it is crappy and presumptuous of them to do this.

  4. i suggest to block the email address. that or email them back with a harsh, short and straight to the point reply asking to be removed from their list. 😉

  5. I’d be blocking their e-mail too. Especially the rude ones (those I’d remove from my blogroll even, c’mon people, really.)

    Now add me to your update list, ’cause I’m not getting your lil asterisk when you update. OH! And make sure you stop by mine today too when you get a chance. 😉

  6. Yeah, I am in agreement..I would be irritated with that, too. Maybe everyone will get the message with this post and sheepishly delete you from the email dump list. 🙂

  7. While not “commercial,” it IS unsolicited bulk e-mail and, if I understand things correctly, it is not only rude it is also considered spam.

    Block and punt. Report to ISP’s at will. . . .ESPECIALLY if you have asked to be removed and have not been.

    Just my 1.65 cents — adjusted for inflation.

  8. ‘Hi

    You do not know me but I am another wis blogger. I would have sent this by e-mail to you privately but you went on such a rant here that I thought I would just leave it as a comment – I think it is important – I have never done this before and it is a lot of thankless work so if you do not think it is important please excuse me and ignore it.
    I am sending this to all wis bloggers on the indigo list in case you do not know about it.

    Please See the Wisconsin State Journal, Sunday March 6, 2005 , Front page, bottom left corner,
    “Proposal Would Make Feral Cats Fair Game”.

  9. As master of your own domain, I say you set up an auto-reply – something along the lines of “Thank you sooo much for keeping me informed of your prolific posting. Should I have the time and desire to read your most recent posts, I will visit your blog. When you email me your posts, however, they are automatically deleted and this gets sent to you. Every time. Every post. Don’t send to me and I won’t send to you.” Or not 😉

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