One Lonely Night


Chris is on a one-night business trip. He flew out this morning at 4:30 a.m. and returns tomorrow sometime around 7pm. What to do with my one lonely night?

What to do..what to do. I’ll ponder it while at work today – – any suggestions?

In the meantime – I’m 35 years old, but never stop learning stuff:

  1. When you’ve made a delicious dinner in a slow-cooker . . . turn the damned
    thing off after you’ve served dinner, and don’t let it sit on
    "High" overnight.
  2. Did I mention I am accident-prone?  When you’ve recently sprained
    your ankle – don’t go bounding down the steps after the cat.  Owie!
  3. It’s not a good idea to drive around with a flat spare tire in your
    trunk.  Trust me.
  4. When you bring above-mentioned delicious dinner left-overs to work for
    lunch, either bring enough to share, or put up with your co-workers
    complimenting you on how great it looks, and how good it smells and then the
    subsequent bitching about why you didn’t bring enough to share. 

I’m a work in progress.

Election news update, regarding the home front here – – Last year, Chris threatened to go on an extended (read: 3-4 months) business trip during the months of August and September 2004. Chris and I met just after the 2000 elections – and while he’s been known to say things like “Where have you been all my life?” – he will also confess that he’s secretly happy that we weren’t together during that time. He’s a Bush supporter – – but he considers me to be rabid in my politics.


So far, this year, he’s not threatening to go on the business trip anymore — however, he did put a television in my office with cable hook-up and reminded me that I have a door on my office for a reason.

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3 thoughts on “One Lonely Night”

  1. One of my sayings: Some people live and learn. Some people just live.

    I’d much rather be in the first category.

    Lessons are sometimes painful and embarrassing, but it’s usually those that stick with us…

    Left stuff in the crocker too…

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