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I’m noticing that all my BlogSpot friends are having some major blog issues tonight! None of the blogspot blogs are working for me and I’m getting errors galore!

Just a quick plug before I go to bed – if I may. I generally don’t plug my own stuff here on this site. I like to keep it pure from commercialism — but sometimes a girl has gotta do what a girl has . . . . .

Blogs About is a blog hosting and design business run by none other than yours truly. We offer quite a few different options over there for web hosting – with an emphasis on blogging. Whether you have a blog, or not – we have a hosting package that fits.

But! For those bloggers out there – – we do offer your very own Moveable Type blog that includes a FREE MT installation with each package, plus a great deal more in terms of bells and whistles.

Just lookin’ out for ya! *wink wink*

Ok — night night, sleep tight!

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