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Power Book How is it the saying goes? Once you go Mac . . you’ll never go back?? Or am I mistaken…. ? At any rate – about a month ago, I posted a little blurb about purchasing a Mac Mini. But – life got in the way. There was work, vacations, adopted kittens …. and so on, and so forth. But! Today I did it – – but instead of purchasing the Mac Mini – – I decided to go with the Mac Powerbook, instead. I’ve not worked on a Mac very much – – and really, I’m adding this to my arsenal of equipment I use for business.

I have heard that graphic design on a Mac is awesome. Also, I’m getting quite a few requests for Mac/Safari compatibility in my layouts and templates – – it’s kinda hard to know what things look like on a Mac if one does not have a Mac, no? Yes? Maybe?

Maybe I will SO fall in love with this thing that I’ll have to get myself an iMac?? I’ve heard all about those die-hard Mac users – – they are a ferocious bunch, aren’t they? Almost as bad as the die-hard Mozilla users out there (I said almost).

I don’t see myself making the switch completely – – just using it as another tool of the trade.

However . . .

Any folks out there who have successfully and fully made the switch from PC over to a Mac? Stories? Feedback? Regrets?

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8 thoughts on “Once you go Mac . .”

  1. I’m never going back (except when forced to @ work) I moved from a windows machine and 2 linux machines to a powerbook and dual G5.

    Stuff “just works” but I still get to use UNIX-type stuff. OS X is what Linux ought to be be seems to be trying its hardest not to be.

    absolutely awesome.

  2. Cool, nick – – thanks for the feedback. The Mac was delivered today . . I just got it outta the box, but have a conference call in 2 minutes so I can’t play with it yet!! 🙁

    It’s just sitting there…all white and shiney… beackoning me.

  3. PC 256MB RAM, can run one program, two windows max and then the graphics go wonky after about 15 minutes (custom built by kid’s friend on the cheap), rarely used. iBook 640MB RAM, I can run multiple programs, windows, tabs (love tabbed browsing) no problem. iMac GB 1GB RAM, even better, right now 12 programs, 26 windows, 50 some tabs open, runs perfect. And Apple just came out with a multibutton mouse. Life is good.:mrgreen:

  4. Hey Lisa,

    I am a network Admin who just puchased his first Mac ever. I bought the brand new Powerbook G4 1.5 ghz with 1 gb ram, and super drive.

    The mac is nice, but it is a tool just like the PC. I think that I could do all the same things I can with a PC with just about the same amount of effort. My biggest problem with the Mac is the lack of software. I run a lot of management tools and not one of them run on a MAC.

    Virus, spyware? yeah, so far not many that can knock out a mac like a pc, however, how long before that bubble bursts?

  5. I switched about 10 months ago. Still use the Windows Box,(Share the keyboard, mouse and Monitor) but the Mac Power Mac G4 with 1.25 gigs/ram, and 3 hard drives with 1.7Ghz processor, I see little need to purchase any more Windows Machines…not to mention Apple will be using Intel Chips by next year, so it will likely run Windows natively anyway.

  6. Mac is definitely the king when it comes to graphic design but I seem to run into problems with them b/c everything is so different than a PC. Maybe they’re just a little too high tech for this girl. After all, I majored in communications not computer science!

  7. I love my Powerbook and can’t help but snicker when I see all those poor bastards using those huge plastic clunky Dells lol

    I’m such a Mac snob and I’m ok with that!

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