On The Road Again


We picked up the remaining pieces of the furniture and packed up the UHaul trailer and we’re ready to go. We’re planning on taking off at about 5am tomorrow morning, after a good dinner and a good night of sleep. Can’t wait to get home and set up the new bedroom set and replace the sofa and loveseat wtih our new stuff!! Nothing like a bit of interior decorating to make me happy – I’m easy to please!

We had a good time down here in Georgia – even though it was mostly work, work and more work. I spent the day today sitting in on meetings with corporate IT attorneys (yawwwwn). No, really – it not boring. It’s very exciting… aaand, interesting… YEA – that’s it! Exciting and interesting.

We’ll be making our way through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indianna, Illinois and finally back to Wisconsin by about 8pm tomorrow night (I’m thinking). Did you know there are barely any Starbucks convienently located off those highways? At least, I didn’t notice any. That makes for a very very long ride! I’m thinking that Starbucks needs to partner up with all of those truck stops throughout the country — just what every trucker wants, right? A triple grande Carmel Machiatto.

Anyways – dinner is done – – time for me to fly. See ya on the flip side!

I have pictures to post later, when I get home!

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23 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

  1. Heh, a fellow Starbucks addict! I live in a small town, the closest Starbucks is an hour away! We just got back from Texas (which by the way, was cold as well). So, I got a huge Starbucks fix there, but now that I’m back im fiending. Heh, great site. I’ll definately be back soon. 😀

  2. HATE Starbucks. Good coffee, but the people are jack@$$es. I refuse to go there and am happy that we have a nice, locally owned coffeeshop that does every bit as good (if not better) than Starbucks.

  3. Around here you can usually find a Starbucks inside of the Safeway stores – I think in other states those are Vons (?)

    Might be able to find one of those….

  4. have a good trip! lol in canada there are tim horton’s EVERYWHERE (very popular coffee shop).

    actually i heard that tim horton’s even branched out to “attack” the US ^_^

  5. Yeah, I think so, too. My brother, however, does not ROFL about it. In fact, every time I see him, I play it for him. I mean, we’re in our 30’s, so I can’t give him wedgies anymore. Dueling Banjos it is.

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