Old friends, revisited


I admitted a new patient onto my case load today. A 45 year old man with lung cancer with metastasis to his brain. They decided to discontinue further chemo and radiation therapy last week – and made the difficult decision to cease all aggressive treatments. The hard thing about this case is that it’s somewhat personal for me. The patient is the husband of a woman that I graduated Nursing School with 10 years ago.

She’s torn up – – the kids are torn up – – and it’s just a difficult situation overall. It’s hard for me to watch her go through this – -I new him when he was in his 30’s…vital, strong, vocal and funny man who could dance the rug off any floor if you give him enough drink 🙂 This case isn’t impossible for me, just more difficult than the rest on my caseload. I’m happy to be able to be there for her, though – lord knows she probably helped me through an exam or two back in school, as we were part of the same study group.

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1 thought on “Old friends, revisited”

  1. There is no better purpose in the world
    Then entering in someone elses…especially in
    Time of need

    My heart bleeds when I see the eyes
    Of those that could never reach
    The one who knew them

    And the one they cherished the most
    The one that slipped away
    No matter how or where

    We are sadly alone through life
    Even when crowded with love
    Even when the curtains close

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