Ok Fred


Dear Fred:

I woke up this morning, put on my slippers and headed upstairs to make my first cup of morning coffee.

I decided to make some toast to go with it. On the toast, I spread a very (wafer) thin layer of Marmite.

I took a bite and tasted it.

I then tossed the piece of toast with Marmite into the garbage and made a new piece of toast. On that piece of toast, I spread butter and then drizzled some honey on it.

I ate the whole thing.

Thus ends the Marmite era of my existance.

Thank you –


PS – stop stalking me now!

41 thoughts on “Ok Fred”

  1. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I guess it tasted so good that you couldn’t face another bite so you had to replace it with bland old honey…..:smile:

    Oh well I guess Chris will be pleased he doesn’t have to share, I have to hide my “British” food.

  2. My first thought: you wasteful idiot! didn’t it occur to you to taste the bloody marmite before you smeared it all over perfectly good toast?

  3. Marmite is the greatest food (if indeed it is food) source on the planet [looking mournfully at his empty pot, sob]

    Oh and Marmite is not our revenge for 1776, that would be Benny hill and the teletubbies.

  4. No offense meant, Chris and Fred (and anyone else from the “Old Country,” but the British (and the Scots, now that I think of it) aren’t exactly known for their exciting culinary delights.

    Ick! Ick! Ick! I am of Scots/Irish descent. Haggis was used to freak out the English. I still won’t EAT IT. *snort*

    I do miss digestives, though. McVitties rocks!

  5. I’ve explained to Gary that it will be a cold day i hell before I make Blood Pudding. He can go home and mommy can make it for him. Damn Leprechauns.

  6. Err that would be Mummy not Mommy

    Don’t dis the Guiness. It’s a lovely day for a guiness.

    Digestives are nice, Milk chocolate ones rock.

    and Marmite is the best

  7. Since we’re correcting spelling here, RedSaid, it’s Guinness, not Guiness.

    ๐Ÿ˜† Sorry, I’m just anal about the correct spelling since I live right beside the Irish brewery.

  8. Well I will admit my spelling is horrible, I was diagnosed as being partially dyslexic at school but no amount of practice or schooling seemed to help me out. Normally I try to run it through a spellchecker before I post, you wouldn’t believe the words I can’t spell. I actually had a problem last week while helping my Kindergardener with her homework and I had to ask my wife how to spell Quarter.my favorite is ‘meny’ or ‘many’ or whatever the hell it is. I often have to change what i’m writing because my spelling is so bad I can’t get it close enough for the spellchecker to guess, So my apologies for that post and this one and the next one too!

    Don’t worry about the name either… it’s not my real name! its just easy to type! well with one finger at least.

    As for Benny Hill i’m not certain but I think he is dead, probably (SP?) due to running around at fast forward speeds all the time…. hilarious…. yeah right. Like I said he is much bigger over here than he ever was back home, and just because I’m British doesn’t mean I am an official on all things Benny hill a point lost on just about every American I’ve met! I’m not even much of a Monty python fan either, give me Blackadder, the Young Ones and Red Dwarf any day of the week.

  9. the young ones were awesome. when i was little, i used to watch benny hill and i’d laugh so hard i peed in my pants.

    maybe i should be british – but i have good teeth.

  10. I’ve got some yuks from BBC America with “The Worst Week of My Life” here recently.

    And I’ve had black pudding, white pudding, and haggis when I visited Scotland, but never Marmite. I liked haggis but not either pudding.

    It’s almost impossible to have haggis here in the States because it’s illegal to sell lung meat. I guess you could slaughter your own sheep, but… you know.

  11. Marmite is better than Haggis or black / white Pudding, and a good deal more, Like I said Marmite is the best! Lisa must have prepared it wrong….

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