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  1. Morning Bush Hater — with a nick like that, I ‘m certainly going to take you seriously lol

    btw – format your links or they will be removed — it screws up my layout. That’s why I leave those cute little buttons up there for you to use. thanks.

  2. That’s much better, bush hater – you’ve proven your ability to learn.

    You are actually a day behind in your news, boy – Russia tied to Iraq’s missing arms – oh, and – Discrepancy Found in Explosives Amounts . . oh, and then there’s – Russia Convoy Caught In Crossfire.

    I’ll give ya time to catch up before I pass judgement on your knee jerk reaction that is, oddly enough, very similar to Kerry’s over reaction to headlines instead of facts.

    Good luck on Nov. 2! 🙂

  3. first, everyone knows the washington times is in bush’s pocket. second, shaw says “almost certainly” removed the high-explosive material. i’ll believe it when the russians back it up. either way, this video evidence has strong legs and it’s running… and sadly more americans watch tv than read.

  4. The truth of the matter is that no one really knows how or when the explosives went missing – which, by the way, ABC is reporting this morning was 3 tons, not 380. There are so many sides to this story that even Kerry’s own foreign policy advisor states “We don’t have all the information” – – and yet, Kerry runs with the headline as if it’s hard stated fact. Just what we need, a President who reacts to headlines in the New York Times, for crying out loud.

    It took Congress 18 months to declare Saddam a threat – – it took John Kerry a split second to declare Bush a threat, based on NYTimes headline, of all things. Keep trying, bush hater – – your name speaks volumes for your objectivity.

  5. Well, of course the Russians are denying it, bush hater – what did you expect them to do?

    Kind of like the French denying being on the bankroll of Saddam and on the recieving end of the OFF fiasco.

    Keep trying.

  6. well, i expected the russians to follow up by telling the truth about these lies. which they did. and don’t try to change the subject with the french business… you keep trying.

  7. Of course you would belive the russians over the US – no big surprise there bush hater.

    good luck on tuesday – vote for your guy and have a nice life 🙂

  8. Because of the recent reports about the explosives in Iraq, Fred. And how Kerry has swallowed the story, that’s been proven false, hook line and sinker and now believes that Iraq is a dangerous place iwth dangerous weapons. Recent reports came out this morning stating that Russia was involved in assisting Iraq in moving those weapons into Syria in March 2003. The weapons that Saddam didn’t have – all of the sudden they were there, even though they didn’t exist. Whatever . . . there isn’t enough information to be hand on it, is the point – – and yet, Kerry is using it as fact for his big talking point this week…when even his foreign policy advisor says they don’t know the facts.

    Yada, yada — can’t wait for these elections to be over with 🙂

  9. Oh, damn. I just figured everything was Bush’s fault. Flu shot shortage, missing explosives, the rain in California, that I haven’t had a raise in 4 years, my cat pissed outside the litter box. Cuz you know Bush is omnipotent, right?


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