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So, I walk into the building where I’m to give this class. I’m a little early – so I stop and ask one of the nurses which room the presentation will be held? She didn’t know – – hadn’t even heard that there was a class to be given today.

Odd, thought I.

I was under the impression that this class was mandatory for all nurses, physical and occupational therapists? Hmm.

I finally find the room and start to assemble my materials. I have handouts for everyone – and a brief outline that I made for myself to follow, to keep my thoughts and words from rambling.

In short order, the room starts to fill. I watched and wondered.

My boss (I will throttle her later) had told me about this class about 3 weeks ago. Her exact quote? “Lisa, I need you to give this class on pain management in the post-CVA patient. You should be able to handle it, there should only be about a dozen, or so, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists.”

No big deal. She was right – I could handle that.

Except the people walking in the door weren’t nurses, physical therapists or occupational therapists. They weren’t even walking in the door – – most of them were wheeling themselves in the door in their wheelchairs.

The group that I was scheduled to speak to were patients. I was the guest speaker for their “Stroke Club” – which is the community support group for patients who had suffered a stroke within the last 2 years.


Now if you had clicked my presentation (in my previous entry) you would have seen that my prepared material was very technical – – geared towards the clinician. It was way too technical for patients – – at least the average patient.

I had to throw my prepared presentation out the window and conduct the presentation off the top of my head. I guess it went well. I spoke for 40 minutes and then spent an additional 30 minutes answering questions. They thanked me for coming – – complimented my presentation and invited me back again sometime.

I smiled and graciously accepted their invitation for an open date in the future.

I left…kept the pleasant smile on my face until I pulled out of the parking lot and then got on the phone to rip into Tina for not informing me of who my audience would be. She wasn’t in the office, lucky her. She owes me, big time! lol

If you didn’t send that martini earlier – – please have some sympathy and send a dozen now!

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