Fresh Air

Working from home has it’s positive side, however – one of the negative sides is that I have to remind myself to get some fresh air once in awhile! The urge to sit in my office and work, work, work is just too great when the office is right next to my bedroom. Wake up. Make coffee. Shuffle into the office. Work all day. Today – I’m headed out to see some patients for Hospice. I work for them a day, or two, a week – just to keep my hand in nursing, I still love what I do as […]


Last week, Hospice had asked if I would come into the office on Monday and help them out for a few hours. Not seeing patients, but helping with the phones – triaging calls from patients and doctors… that kind of thing. Most of them are on vacation this they needed help. So I agreed to come in today for about 5-6 hours to give them a hand and put a few extra dollars on my paycheck. Hard to believe, really – that this is the job the I left in April (before I demoted myself to Case Manager). I […]

Lazy Day

Monday’s gone. At least, in terms of my work week — and you know what that means! That means I’m one day closer to my last!! As far as Mondays go – this one was pretty sane. Because my last day is fast approaching – the office hasn’t been giving me any new patients to my caseload. As it stands today, I have six patients on my caseload – – as opposed to my usual 14-16. So, to say the least, the next few days are going to be pretty light in terms of workload. I can’t say that I’m […]

Smelly Burps

Funny thing about being a nurse who takes care of patients in the home environment, as opposed to a hospital, or other institutional setting. Everyone in the home thinks you’re there to take care of them, too. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to see a patient in their home and after taking care of him, and getting ready to leave – – the spouse/daughter/son/nephew, etc – asks me if I would mind taking their blood pressure, looking at their wart, checking out their baby’s latest poop and on and on. I hear everything about these people from […]


You know you’re too flippin’ busy when you don’t have time to breath! I know I said I wouldn’t do this – – but I have 17 days left! It can’t come any sooner for me, trust me! They decided, at work, that I would cover for one of the nurses who has gone on vacation for two weeks – – which doubles my patient case load. Now, why they wouldn’t split her caseload with three or four of us case managers, I have no idea. But they didn’t. Normally, I have 4-6 patients, on average, to see in a […]

Count Down

Ok – would it be really, really redundant to sit here and count down the days left in my current job? 4 weeks notice – it could get old real fast. But just in case you’re wondering . . I have 26 days left!

Here I go

I got the nod yesterday to go ahead and submit my resignation this week. I just need to pick the day…tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. But it needs to be done by the end of this week, because I’m headed to Atlanta in the beginning of August for 3 days of training for some of the work I’ll be doing for Chris. The plan for my health/dental is settled. The training is set up. After the training, I’ll be working about 10 hours/week for him….and then roughly 2 or 3 times a year, I’ll need to travel to their clients corporate […]

Liar Liar

In front of her boss – – Ken and I caught OUR boss in two bold faced lies about some extremely important patient care issues. Outright lies they were. She was in the process of re-telling the lies and defending herself as we were in the process of showing, proof-positive, that she lied then, and was lying now. Fast forward to later in the day….. my boss’s boss came to Ken and I and said this: “I’m really interested in keeping her (our boss) here and making this work. I’m committed to that. What do you guys need in order […]

On the Verge of Insanity

I swear – one of these days I’m going to go temporarily insane and take my pager and smash it with a great big sledge hammer until it completely loses it’s ability to beep! I’m on call tonight (this morning? what time is it? what day is it?) – – did you guess? It’s been one horrific night on call, let me just say. I worked my normal hours today from 8am – 4:30pm – – then on-call for the night started at 4:30. My first page came at 4:45. The beeper hasn’t stopped since. Once, earlier – around 1am, […]

Here I go again

In April, I demoted myself. I held a management position for the company I work for and got really tired dealing with office politics, paperwork and regulatory bureaucracy….so I stepped down and took a field position as a case manager and have been pretty blissful ever since. I spend my days driving from patient to patient. I schedule my own time. Some days, I work 8 hours…some days I work 10…and there are days that I work 5 – – all depends on how I’ve scheduled my time. I have the freedom to shop in between patients…run errands…lunch with friends […]

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