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Ok. It’s the south. AND IT’S COLD! Why did I have the impression that Atlanta would be warm? It’s almost as cold here as it was when we left home! And speaking of home – – talk about one great big injustice . . it snowed at home. Yep – snow. They have snow. Not only that – but while I’m here in Georgia, I download my mail and get one from or local ski hill. They’ve been making snow all week…blah blah blah – – couple that with the 12 degree weather. . . blah blah blah – – they are open all week long . . yada yada – – all of their runs . . all week.

I’m trying to remember who it was that told me life is fair – – then I’m going to track them down and put BenGay in their undershorts!!!

* deep breath *

Ok – so I can ski next week, right? Sure, sure – – Wisconsin will probably have a heat wave once we get back.

We picked up our bedroom set today. We rented a UHaul trailer that we’ll be dragging home with our new bed, dresser, armoire and 2 night stands . . since we had room — we picked up a new sofa and loveseat that I just fell in love with while we were at the furniture gallery.

I also found a Pier One Outlet store down here. I thought I would be in heaven – – everything was marked 80 – 90% off. But once we entered the store and started browsing – – we shortly figured out the big reason for the discounts. The store should have been called teh Pier One Reject Store. Nothing worth purchasing. Even their candles sucked. /sigh

I’m still tasting Appletini today. That’s what I get for having 8 of them last night. Yep. 8.
Will. Not. Repeat.

I’ve been kicked back tonight to get a bit of work done. Even on vacation, work never stops. But that’s ok – between the Appletini’s and massive shopping day – – work is beginning to feel like a bit of vacation from my vacation! 😉

Tomorrow night, it’s dinner with Dan, Tammy, Libby and Tim. Tammy is cooking Turduken. I’ve heard of it – – but have never had it. It sounds like a PETA activist’s nightmare – – I’m sure I’ll LOVE it! 😀

Later, gators!!

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22 thoughts on “Notes from Georgia”

  1. Oh boy! New furniture for you and Chris to “break in!” Heh heh! Nothin’ better than a little Christmas gift for yourself!

    I’m glad you’re having fun. 🙂

  2. If you’re looking for an outlet mall, there’s a decent one in Dawsonville up GA400. It’s about 45 minutes north of 285. Rich’s/Macy’s also has a couple of outlet stores in town for their furniture. You might check with them as to where they are.

    And if no one has recommended Virginia Highlands to you yet for dining out/hanging out, you might want to give it a shot.

    Have a good visit.

  3. You expected it to be warm in Atlanta in December? HA! Never… I just came home to Atlanta today where it was much cooler than Miami, where I spent the last week…. That was nice and warm… low 80’s every day… blue skies…. siiigh, I’m going to depress myself now… next week I’ve got New Jersey. UGH!

  4. Growing up in the bible belt, when we had show days it didn’t mean we had snow on the ground… it’s ice. I live in the Bay Area now and it’s much more fridgit in not-so-Hotlanta

    There was a Pier 1 outlet in Dallas when I live d there. I think I bought one thing from there, candles.

  5. Would you rather have skied this week or gotten a new bedroom set? Just think, you can get the bed set up, go skiing at the local run, and come home and crawl into a nice new bed 🙂

  6. Glad yall had a good time & you’ve got all of your new furniture. I saw the pictures online in the furniture gallery and it’s awesome! Good luck with driving your U-haul back. Cross country with a U-haul is always interesting.

  7. Hi Lisa –
    What’s BenGay and what’ll it do in someone’s undershorts?
    And can I get it here in the UK?

    Have fun at dinner tomorrow (and don’t drink and drive).:shock:

  8. IcyHot (whose name explains what products like BenGay does much better) works great in shorts. If you’re there to see the magic happen, make sure your victim doesn’t try to put water on it. One of my college roommates refused to talk to me for several days after he had an “incident”. Oh, and a little goes a long way. If you use too much the person will smell the surprise. 😈

  9. >>Appletinis? I thought Rum and Cokes would be mandatory in Atlanta.<< He's right - what were you thinking?:wink: I hope you had fun in Atlanta! You just missed our semi-heat wave - it's been 70F the past couple of days.

  10. Ok, that cut me off somehow – I meant to say, he’s right – what were you thinking?:wink: I hope you had fun in Atlanta! You just missed our semi-heat wave, it’s been 70F the past couple of days!

  11. Fun part of being cold? you guys are wierd… It was a sunny, 82 here yesterday, it is time like these I really apreciate living in Florida, that and spending the day after Christmas on the beach.

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