Not good, so far


So far, my prediction about todays Packer v. Bears game has blow apart completely. Sitting in the 2nd – the score is at 14 – 3, in favor of the Bears. The Bears!! I predicted a Packer blowout of 28-7 – -that last conversion by the Bears was impressive, to say the least – – and completely unexpected.

Going into the second half – I’m trying to decide if the Bears look good today, or if the Pack isn’t looking so great.

Update: Score: 21-3 in favor of the Bears. Ok – I’ve decided that it’s the Packer defense that isn’t lookin so hot today. How many open holes can they give them?? Oy.

Update: Score: 21 – 10 – still the Bears. But! The Pack is the come-back team . . . so I still have great hopes!

Update: Final Score: 21-10. My Pack fell to da’Bears.

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10 thoughts on “Not good, so far”

  1. I am SO annoyed!!! This is like last year, when we got beat by Detroit and Arizona! What the hell???????? By the look of Brett’s face, he is ready to kill. Let’s see the strategy for the seond half. ARGH!!!!

  2. I know, I know. But when you are always in a race against MN, we can’t be losing to teams like the Bears. We surely can’t count on AZ to save us, like last year…

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