No Bozo Zone


A reader, Bob, has a snarky sense of humor! Considering my most recent post about Bozo – Bob sends in this:

I have since found out that I’m not the only one with an irrational fear of clowns! So there! 😀

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40 thoughts on “No Bozo Zone”

  1. Given your irrational dislike for the comedically challenged you should proudly display your No Bozo Zone icon prominently (perhaps under the equally irrational bouncing bloody sheep).

  2. If you look at me I am the epitome of the “tough Guy” look. And since I have been in more than my share of fights, my tough guy persona is not wholly unjustified.

    If you want to freak me out though – put a clown near me. I can’t stand being in the vicinity of one.

  3. Thank you Lisa….

    I’ll behave myself over here, don’t worry. Beautiful picture by the way. I’ll bet your teenagers friends at school all have crushes on you.:wink:

  4. Behave over here? Why? No one else does (glance: Redfred). 😉

    And thanks – but if my son heard you say that, I think he’d “hurl” lol

  5. Janette, it’d be a lot cooler if you did…:twisted:

    Oops Sorry. I promised I’d behave. But me and Lisa are old friends. She keeps me in line.

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