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We’re headed off for the night to spend it skiing. Our local hills have night ski from 4 – 10pm. Wish me luck that I don’t break something!

Last night, Chris took me to a store, saying that he had one more Christmas present for me – but he couldn’t buy it himself, because I needed to pick it out myself. I was getting rather nervous on the way, as my mind was conjuring up things that only girls conjure up. *shudder* Stop that!

Anyways – we pulled up outside MC Sports, parked – – walked inside and he took me over to the wall full of skis and told me to pick out my new skis so we can have them sized and fitted with bindings, hot waxed, etc. I gave him the biggest hug right there – I think the ski shop girl thought I was a nut, or something.

Of course, he was buying himself a present, as well. While I was picking out my skis, boots and poles – he was over picking himself out a new snowboard and he also got himself a new set of skis, too.

I guess you could say we’ve been bitten by the ski bug again this year. My skis won’t be ready until Monday – so today I’m renting…but I’m looking forward to getting up there and tumbling down the hill. Our local ski hills will be good practice for me, considering the up and coming company trip in February. They haven’t decided if it will be Tahoe again this year – – or Vail. Either way – I need to get the ol’ gams in shape for that one!

So after spending about two hours in the shop – I finally picked out a nice pair of these. I’m so psyched about the trip this year – I can’t wait for it to come around. In the meantime, I’ll practice the black runs here in town so that maybe I can deal with the blue runs out West!

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  1. We had a blast, Lawren – didn’t stay until 10pm, but still fun nonetheless. I didn’t break a thing!

    Next run I do will be for you and your “I miss skiing” blues! 🙂

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