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Fox News reports: “Cindy Sheean is leaving the anti-war demonstration in Crawford, Texas because her mother had a stroke”

I say, “Cindy Sheean gave her mother a stroke”

News. My way.

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  2. Nice comment about Ms Sheehan’s mom. Maybe her mother had a stroke because she lost her son for oil, her mom sees her marriage falling apart, and her husband is grief stricken.

    Maybe you could offer your son to the cause, he’s old enough. See how your family holds up.

    You’re a mean person.

  3. Actually, Fred – my son isn’t old enough. However, if he were old enough and felt it was his duty to serve.. then I would support him 100% in his decision, and then I would have no choice but to live with the consquences of his decision of duty.

    Like Cindy Sheean’s son said, when she argued with him about going – he told his mother, “I have to Mom. It’s my duty.”

    and I’m really not mean.. not really 🙂 Just frustrated with the whole media circus, quite honestly 🙂

  4. Hi:
    I can’t believe I stumbled upon your site. We met in Dr. Hines office when you were picking up your dental records to take to your new dentist! I was waiting on my son, reading a book in the waiting room.
    Rock on.

  5. Dont’cha just love the infantilization of soldiers?!

    I bet THEY don’t appreciate it.

    And Lisa is the least mean-spirited person you’d ever want to meet.

  6. I say that you must be too young to know what you are talking about. maybe you should take up Psychology and Learn about Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder and get a real opinion.

  7. I don’t think you are mean at all! I do love how the people who leave negative comments don’t leave a return address so to speak. It’s your blog….you can write what you want to. You go girl!:wink:

  8. Karen – – who is Dr. Hines? 😕

    Margi – I’m with ya! thanks 😉

    Anon — i’m probably older than you, I would guess. And I can count the number of psychology class I’ve taken in my lifetime on two hands. I’m an RN. Used to work in acute adult psych units, as well. So..well – try again soldier.

    SuZan – agreed. Thanks 🙂

  9. The thing is that people like anon

    1) have no sense of humor unless you’re calling the President “Shrub” or “Chimpy McHitler”

    2) think that you can’t talk about Iraq unless you lost someone there

    3) are insulted when you call them “soldier”

    Still, I think she’s only helped the current administration.

    (and yeah, it’s been a while but I’m still around.)

  10. Lisa! How dare you use the term “soldier” to describe that chickenshitty commenter! I’m so personally offended by your remark I think I’ll tell all my friends how awful you are!


  11. Lisa – looks like you have one heck of a long commute to the dentist! Geeze, Wisconsin to Houston. Hmmm. Are you sure you didn’t grow up in England if you need to travel that far to find a dentist to take care of you right???? 😈

    Oh, and you’re never a mean person, unless you disagree with what I think! :mrgreen::razz:

  12. Mick – good to see you still lurking around out there 🙂

    Insulted when I call them soldier? Well, gee.. didn’t even think of THAT 😮


  13. Leanne – not only am I a really mean person.. but now I’m awful. If it weren’t already terribly tarnished, I’d begin to worry about my reputation 😉

  14. Astro – I’m trying to think of when we really disagreed. Unless, of course you count the number of times you referred to my hair being gray! :p

    And I noticed Karen was from Houston when I visited her site. Now, I was born in Houston – so maybe she remembers me when I visited the dentist down there at the age of 10, or something?? 😆

  15. Astro, I resent the comment about english teeth…. my two are just fine thank you very much. Oh and that is one more than the rest of you lot so Na na na na boo boo!

    Gray hair is related to age…. of your kids! pass the grecian 2000….

    Oh and Lisa you are mean, Meany meany mook…. (actually it was rather poor taste)

    And finally on a quassi-serious note I think Cindy is entitled to her opinion and entitled to express it how she feels, we protect the rights of the white power mob, she is far less offencive than them. Is she being manipulated by left wing actavists? perhaps, but then I don’t remember “Chimpy McHitler” (thanks mickey, that made me laugh) distancing himself from her when she had nice things to say, so who is manipulating who?

    Oh and before all you warmonger jump on me or the peace loving tree huggers rally to my cause, I AM PRO WAR!

  16. Fred – now, being in poor taste is surely something I can agree with.. mean? no. Poor taste.. probably 🙂

    I do agree with you that Mrs. Sheean is definitley entitled to her opinion and also entitled to express those thoughts. Just as I am entitled to express my frustration with a comment that is in questionable taste 🙂

    Is she being manipulated by the left wing activists? Absolutely, I think so.

    In a way, I feel bad for her. Her son died. Her husband left her. She’s being made a media mockery at this point.

    Bush already met with her once, a year ago – – the fact that her opinions have changed since then means he should meet with her again? And then when her tide changes again 6 months down the road – – should he check in with her again? Invite her out for tea, perhaps? Then again in a year when she holds yet another opinion?

    She is a sad case, and I’m sorry for her that the activists are using her so obviously, and that she is allowing it.

    That’s just me, though. Me and my tasteless ideas 😀

  17. Don’t feel sad for Sheean that her hubby left her. Feel glad for the hubby since he’s now free and that he’s smart enough to run! If the death of his son wasn’t enough, just imagine what she put him through afterwards… 🙁

  18. Hi Lisa:I just happened to look for news about Cindy Sheehan.To a point it saddens me how superficial the comments are.Looks like people dont like to think things through anymore.From the onset this war started on the wrong foot.Bush spinmasters have however managed to justify this war banking in the ignorance of many people like the ones I read in this place.I will not try to convince you or others of the futility of this war since I will be wasting my time and yours.But mark this words:Truth will surface sooner or later and Mr Bush will be rightfully placed where it belongs along with all the other morons with tunnel vision.Until then enjoy your immaginary throne and keep telling people that the emperor is indeed majestically clothed.

  19. Hi Oscar – Thanks for stopping by. I get all kinds in ‘this place’ – – liberals, conservatives, and all points in between.

    I’m the last person to put Bush on a throne.. I could list out some of his policy points that I’m not overly thrilled with pretty easily.

    Major one? Our borders/Immigration. Don’t even get me started.

    But this war? I support it completely.

    I do plenty of ‘thinking things through’ – probably more than you give me credit for. Folks like you tend to think folks like me just gobble up the data that is spoonfed to us by the media and by this administration.

    But I’d be wasting my time, and yours, by trying to convince you otherwise 🙂

    Have a good one!

  20. Lurking is it these days. Started school again last night. Ended up a half hour late because I went to the PTO meeting where I ended becoming president. Too much to do, not enough time to do it.

    And no matter what anyone else says, you’re a nice person. Even if you are telling it like it is.

  21. Cindy.. we all see and feel your pain but you need to go home and rest quietly. You are doing the vets a great dis-service by your antics. Letting others prod you along.
    Maybe it fills that empty place that you must be feeling. Maybe its a distraction. Maybe you like the publicity and action.
    I can not even come close to imaging what it is to lose a child. My daughter means the world to me and I know that if she was lost to me.. I too would be suffer a total break down. Cindy, you are making your break down public for the world to see.
    Asking President Bush to send his daughters there is ridiculous and childish. President Bush did not send your hero son to fight this war. THERE IS NO DRAFT. You son, wonderful man that he was, went willing to fight in a war for a cause he believed in.
    What you are doing is painful to watch… go home Cindy.. rest quietly

  22. Cindy needs to get to the back of the line. She had her meeting with the president, there are a few million other citizens that have been waiting a lot longer than her to meet with the man. Just because she wants to politicize the death of her son does not give her the right to cut in line. Besides, we have already heard what she has to say from all the rest of those left leaning liberals that are steering her around.

    Having served in the military for 30 years, I must say that I would be so ashamed if my mother had ever acted like Ms Sheehan.

  23. :twisted:i am a former marine and hope cindys mom dies husband leaves for good and her son kicks her ass out of heaven
    you communist bitch

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