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I installed a new toy here today. My photo gallery is up and running with plans to share a few pics here and there of some family stuff and other random, miscellaneous things from life, in general. I thought about a photoblog, but decided against it. I just wanted something simple – – too much client work to be done for me to be dinkering with my stuff, at the moment.

My folks were over tonight for Ben’s birthday – – cake, ice cream, gifts – that kind of thing. Ben never wants a big ‘to do’ – – he just wants big gifts lol – don’t all kids? The older they get – – the more expensive their gifts become, or at least the gifts on their list. We all had a nice time. Of course, my folks can’t come over to my house without the conversation turning to politics. Chris and my mom can go to town arguing politics like none other! Just once, I’d like a family get together without political rants at the kitchen table.

One time.

I think I’ll put that on my birthday list for next year! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “New Toy”

  1. Love the Gallery. I, too, toyed with the photoblogging, since I got a nifty lil’ Kodak and snap pictures nearly every day.

    I also know exactly how you feel about the whole “where’s my lil’ boy?” post. My youngest will be 14 in December and my eldest will be 😯 17 in April.

    My, how time flies. ::: sigh :::

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