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We just returned from boat shopping. We’ve been talking about getting one since this time, two years ago. We never really got around to actually looking into it, though. But today, Chris got a hair up his butt to go look at one because, this time of the year, the prices are still reasonable. If we waited another month – prices would go up because of the season.

We enjoy camping, fishing, waterskiing . . and every year we look at each other and say, “We really should look into getting a boat.”

We ended up making a decision on one (pictured above – the people aren’t included in the package ) and will be making the purchase later this week. Waterskiing isn’t exactly my beloved downhill skiing – but I think I can make do.


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  1. Wow! Congrats! I really gotta make the time to take our boat out and do a little fishing this year. It doesn’t have a big enough motor for skiing, but for fishing and a little puttering around the lakes it works just fine. Well, it works just fine as long as Pop stays away from it…

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