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It seems the only thing I’m blogging about these days is this book I’m writing – I’m sure it’s sounding boring. 🙂 Though, it is something that fills every day – especiallly as I approach some of the hard deadlines that I have set – – Thursday, Feb.1 is the first major deadline I have. This project is surely putting my New Years Resolution to stop procrastinating to the test, let me just say!

While I’m writing, I have my iTunes on at all times, keeping the music flowing to soothe the savage beast. Between my music and my coffee (with the occassional scotch in the late hours) – I keep the sanity intact. I’m always looking for new music and regularly hop over to Dave’s site at New Music Nation and read up on his latest reviews of new music that’s been released. He’s a pretty decent source for good music.

Corrine Bailey RaeToday, I picked up a new album in iTunes from Corrine Bailey Rae. (which did make it into Dave’s ‘Best Tracks of 2006’) I’m really digging the music so far, I’m on my second round of playing it so far today. It fits my mood for the moment – – and that music mood changes so frequently its hard even for me to keep up with it. I can go from John Mayer to Metallica in a split second, so it is important to me to have a wide variety of music to choose from, otherwise I get frustrated if I don’t have music that suits my mood at any given moment of the day. I’m a high maintenance music consumer, I guess.

What’s your favorite music to work by?

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  1. Thanks Dave – I also got your email with a few of the other recommendations you had for me. As I mentioned in your reply – the news about Norah Jones and her new album is great news, I’ll look for your review on it and hit your iTunes link so I can grab a copy.

    If I keep myself in good music and great coffee – I may just get through this! :-ss

  2. John Mayer “introduced” Corinne a couple weeks back on his blog, and I like her whole album. Both of them are great for my studio. I’ve been enjoying Christina Aguilera’s latest stuff, too. :)>-

  3. I like Christina’s new stuff.. but, for me, it doesn’t beat her “Stripped” album – – I’ll reach for that one before I reach for “Back To Basics” — however, that being said… either one will do it for me when I need a Christina fix.

    It’s always the real tiny ones that belt out the biggest voices, isn’t it? :)>-

  4. Well, let’s take a list of the ol’ iTunes song count for January. Here are the top artists on mine: Paul Simon, They Might Be Giants, The Killers, Jessica Simpson, and Elton John… ok, so maybe I shouldn’t have shared that with you. It kind of scares me.

  5. Jeannette – you have one of the biggest voices I know. That’s not saying you have a big mouth… or that you’re loud… or… well, you just sing good, how’s that? 🙂

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